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Product information "4ms - POD48X"
The Pod48X is a lightweight, portable, compact enclosure with 48HP Eurorack modular space and has extra room to fit even the deepest modules 51mm of available module depth.

The built-in power supply has two power connectors and can be daisy-chained to other Pods.

More power connectors can be added with the Multi Power Cable accessory.

This Pod requires a power brick (not included).

Or, if you already have a Pod and power brick (or a Row Power module) you can use a barrel cable to daisy-chain power supplies.

• 48 HP Eurorack modular space
• Extra deep 55mm fits virtually every Eurorack module
• Standard M3 threaded holes
• 100% lightweight anodized aluminum
• Built-in Power supply
• Red, White, and Blue LED power indicators
Current out +5 V [mA]: 1000
Current out +12 V [mA]: 1400
Current out -12 V [mA]: 670
Depth [mm]: 55
Material / Color: Black Alu
Number of Power-Pinheader: 4
Power Input Type (pri.): 15 - 20 Vdc / Barrel (5,5/2,5)
Width [HP]: 48
Format: 3U
Manufacturer "4ms"
In 1996, Dan Green founded an innovative effect pedal business named 3ms Pedals near Chicago, Illinois, USA. The unique designs features many knobs and the option for custom artwork and modifications. Two years later Dan moved to St. Louis, Missouri, and began producing table-top noise devices as well as effect pedals for experimental musicians. In 2002, the business changed its name to 4ms Company (d/b/a 4ms Pedals) and only a few years later began creating an advanced digital meta-instrument: the Bend Matrix, a 4x8 dynamic routing matrix, automatic circuit-bender, and octophonic mixer. In 2009, the company moved to Austin, Texas, and began designing Eurorack modules. In 2012 we moved to beautiful Portland, Oregon, where we currently have our studio in the west coast nexus of synthesizer makers. In 2016 and again in 2017 we won Electronic Musician's Module of the Year!

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