Product information "LeafAudio - ADPT-XLR-FEM-3,5-JACK-ASYM"
Use this adaptor for connecting symmetrical or asymmetrical sources like the LOM geophone to the input of LeafAudio's Field Amp.

As the Field Amp does not feature symmetrical input or outputs, this adaptor is actually asymmetrical (XLR pins 1 and 3 bridged according to the standards).

Make sure to read the notes about inputs and outputs in the Field Amp manual, you'll find it on the LeafAudio website. www.leaf-audio.com

• Asymmetrical XLR female to 3,5mm (1/8") mono jack
• HiCon XLR connector female
• Amphenol 3,5mm (1/8") mono jack
• Sommer Cable Onyx Tynee cable material
• Length: ~35cm tip to tip
Connector 1: XLR (3) female
Connector 2: Jack 3,5 mm TS
Length [cm]: 30
Material / Color: Black
Manufacturer "LeafAudio"
LeafAudio is the brand of Manuel Richter. He is a trained drummer & audio engineer, studio- and live-musician, was interested in electronic and experimental sounds since his childhood. He made releases and lots of live appearances as Xabec. He toured with Haujobb and others, was producer & songwriter for Anne Clark. LeafAudio started as Manuel's studio in 2008, he made lots of mixings and masterings but quickly ended up doing one of the most well known DIY workshop series in Germany by the mid 2010s. Meanwhile LeafAudio is most well known for their Microphonic Soundboxes and other sound design instruments which became super popular worldwide. Most of the production is still made by hand in Leipzig, Germany.

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