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Product information "LeafAudio - Magnetic Contact Microphone"

With contact microphones any surface or object becomes a canvas for sonic exploration. These microphones offer a unique perspective that traditional recording methods simply can't match. You can literally listen to materials, plants or objects from inside the material. As humans we are used to certain hearing perspective: sound waves normally travel through air before they hit the diaphragm of our ear or the microphone. Picking up vibrations directly from the object changes the hearing perspective and that's your best trick to record interesting and sometimes abstract sounds.

The new version is now magnetic! It comes in a neoprene zip-bag for save travelling. Different versions for different recorder-inputs belong to the past. The new one now features an audio jack instead of a fixed cable, what a) works as an acoustic decoupling from the cable itself and b) you have the possibilitiy at hand to work with 1/4" and 1/8" inputs with only one contact microphone. Two cables are included (1/8" to 1/8" and 1/8" to 1/4"). It also comes with a universal holder and strong rubber bands, what makes it possible to attach it basically everywhere.

PRE-ORDER: The final units will be shipped in early August. All orders including these items will be delayed until the Geophoes and add-ons finally ship!

Expoding Shed is only shipping to EU, UK, CH & NOR! For other countries, please check one of LeafAudio's retailers in August:

Schneidersladen (EU)
Musikhaus Korn (EU)
Sound Of You (EU)
Thomann (EU)
KMR Audio (UK)
House Of Sound (CH)
Control Voltage (USA)
Perfect Circuit (USA)
Noisebug (USA)
Analogue Haven (USA)
Digilog (Taiwan)

• 1x contact microphone
• 1x neoprene bag
• 1x cable 1/8" to 1/8" (3,5 mm to 3,5 mm jack)
• 1x cable 1/8" to 1/4" (3,5 mm to 6,3 mm jack)
• 1x universal holder
• 2x rubber bands
• Weight: 15 g (only contact mic)
• Weight: 136 g (whole package)
Connector 1: Jack 3,5 mm TS
Lenght [cm]: 200
Material / Color: Black PA 12
Manufacturer "LeafAudio"
LeafAudio is the brand of Manuel Richter. He is a trained drummer & audio engineer, studio- and live-musician, was interested in electronic and experimental sounds since his childhood. He made releases and lots of live appearances as Xabec. He toured with Haujobb and others, was producer & songwriter for Anne Clark. LeafAudio started as Manuel's studio in 2008, he made lots of mixings and masterings but quickly ended up doing one of the most well known DIY workshop series in Germany by the mid 2010s. Meanwhile LeafAudio is most well known for their Microphonic Soundboxes and other sound design instruments which became super popular worldwide. Most of the production is still made by hand in Leipzig, Germany.

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