LeafAudio, Sonic Potions, Midi Hardware, Zlob Modular, Transient Modules...

Most of Befaco's Eurorack kits available here.

Find all Shakmat DIY kits here.

Bastl Eurorack DIY kits in the house.

We have most of Patching Panda modules in stock.

Radio Music, Chord Organ, Graphic EQ and more.

The whole line of Erica DIY kits.

The whole line of Addac DIY Kits is available here.

AI Synthesis DIY kits. Brilliant for beginners and good sound.

The best learning kits ever. Only highest quality parts and brilliant extensive documen-tation.

Eurorack Essentials have passive, beginner friendly and essential Eurorack DIY kits.

Elmyra Drone Synth is here!

Panel/PCB Kits, suitable for experienced DIYers (SMT only).


We've got the whole line from Zlob Modular as full kits and Panel/PCB.

Over the next time we'll stock a good selection of Frequency Central kits.

Magpie and various other Panels

Mutated PCBs and various other projects