Allen Synthesis - EuroPi


Reprogrammable Multi-Function Controller based on the Raspberry Pi Pico


The EuroPi is a project aimed at making Eurorack more accessible and customisable by giving users complete control of the inner workings of a digital module.


You can plug the module into your computer using a standard micro USB cable, and entirely re-write the program in Python ( using any of the inputs and outputs for whatever you want. It can be used to replicate existing concepts, such as a quantiser or sample and hold, or you can write something entirely new.


All of the information about this project can be found on the GitHub Repository. This includes the build guide, bill of materials, license details, and firmware. There is also a Subreddit if you'd like to share your builds, ask any questions, or just join the community!


Maybe this YouTube introduction video is best to check what the EuroPi is about. In the YouTube playlist you can get a very good overview from build videos to various examples and coding.



• 6 CV Outputs (0-10V)

• 1 CV Input (0-10V)

• 1 Digital Input (Clock, Gate, Trigger)

• 2 Knobs (12 bit resolution)

• 2 Push Buttons

• OLED Display 128x32


Panel: Silver Alu

Power: 90 mA @ +12V; 8 mA @ -12V

Width: 8 HP

Depth: 35 mm


This is a Do-It-Yourself kit, not an assembled module. The kit includes all parts to build the module. Build guide can be downloaded here.

DIY level: medium.

Allen Synthesis - EuroPi

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