Extralife - Super Sixteen

Powerful Sequencing in 20HP

The Super Sixteen control voltage sequencer is a seriously capable centerpiece module with a simple and intuitive interface for maximum fun and minimum fuss. Create melodies, basslines, and improvised rhythms in seconds and save them as you go.


Besides reading the manual, the best way to dive into it is possibly to watch this and that tutorial videos by Extralife. In less than half an hour you will get the basics. Here is an article on Amazona.de about Super Sixteen and it’s competitors.


We hope you like this project!

Firmware Update v1.2

In the new firmware version Extralife has added some really nice features, which add some more value to this stunning sequencer.

Added new CV2 output modes - 2 paraphonic pitch modes (note and interval), and smoothed "LFO" mode (shift + CV knob)

Added functionality to use "RESET" input as an external trigger for the mutate button (button 11 in calibrate mode)

Added ability to "audition" the selected note by triggering the gate output when the pitch is changed (shift + pitch knob)

Added 4 new mutations - chord, chord (quantized), sub osc (for use with CV2 paraphonic mode) and vibrato.


Info about firmware download here on Github.

Extralife - Super Sixteen

Super Sixteen is a 64-step control voltage sequencer with gate, pitch, linear CV, and clock outputs, and a unique 2-handed programming interface that makes programming melodies, rhythms, an basslines a joy.



• Patch memory for 99 sequences

• Up to 64 step sequence length

• Selectable scales and swing timing

• Intuitive motion recording

• Per-step glide/portamento

• Real-time rhythm and pitch effects like beat repeat, stutter roll, and randomization.

• Code and hardware files are open-source for you to edit and experiment


Please make sure to check this and this tutorial video on Youtube.


Electrical characteristics

• Pitch output voltage: 0-8 volts

• CV output voltage: 0-8 volts

• Gate output voltage: 0-5 volts

• Clock output voltage: 0-5 volts

• Clock input voltage: 10v maximum

• Reset input voltage: 10v maximum


Power: 90mA @+12V, 5mA @-12V

Width: 20 HP

Depth: 38mm

Panel: Black PCB material


In our kits the Atmel microcontroller is pre-programmed (v1.2a), so you do not have to handle this. The only SMD part is pre-soldered, you you only have to solder through hole parts. The CV outs have to be calibrated after building. Here is a calibration tutorial on Youtube, it is fairly easy. Source code and hardware files can be downloaded on Github.


Building instructions and user manual can be downloaded here and here is a build video.

DIY level: advanced.

Extralife - Super Sixteen

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