These are DIY kits, no ready modules! Building these DIY kits happens on your own risk. We can't do support or give a guarantee for correct function, because that depends on your own skills. Be responsible and check the building instructions before you buy. Thank you!

Neutral Labs - Nermal

Nermal is a destructive distortion Eurorack module that has some unique sonic qualities. There are 3 levels of distortion ranging from subtle saturation to utter destruction. An integrated modulator can switch or even blend between these modes, with the modulation frequency going well into the audio range, in which case, interesting harmonics and artefacts can be created on top of the incoming audio. Nermal rewards experimentation and unexpected sweetspots can often be discovered along the way. In addition to the onboard modulator, there are external modulation options via control voltages (CV) for the most commonly used parameters. LFOs and envelopes work great, but audio signals are accepted as well and make for the most interesting patches. Check this video!


Technical details:

• 14 HP

• Current draw: 60mA @+12V, 5mA @-12V


This is a Do-It-Yourself kit, not an assembled module. Building instructions can be found here.


DIY level: easy. The assembly is really easy and suitable for beginners, no SMT parts.

Neutral Labs - Nermal

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Neutral Labs - Elmyra

This is a full DIY kit for the Elmyra, available with white & black panel. Elmyra is a Drone-Synth, a platform for sonic exploration inspired by the widely beloved Lyra-8. Elmyra is based on the Adafruit ItsyBitsy M0 Express microcontroller. Its 10-bit audio resolution already gives it a wonderfully gritty sound, and this circuit adds some nasty analog distortion to it. In this video you can check what it sounds like. The new v1.4 features now an audio input.

Here is a build & demo video  by Domestic Scene.


• 3 Voices

• Filter

• Delay

• Distortion

• Runs on 5V/USB powerby phone charger, laptop or power bank


Chromatic mode and polyphonic sequencer added in firmware v1.2, check in this video.

Audio Input added in v1.4.


All information needed for a full DIY build and the PDF manual can be found at the end of the text. If you want to mess with the code (you don’t have to), find it here. Drop Neutral Labs a message if you have any questions.


This is a Do-It-Yourself kit, not an assembled module. Building instructions and manual can be found here.


DIY level: easy. All through-hole.

Neutral Labs - Elmyra

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