Building these DIY kits happens on your own risk. We can't do support or give a guarantee for correct function, because that depends on your own skills. Be responsible and check the building instructions before you buy. Thank you!

Robaux - LL8

Robaux LL8 is a tiny eight-track trigger sequencer for your eurorack. The little brother of the Sweet 16 got some skills!

Program your patterns like on a classic TR machine. Record patterns with your fingertips. Create random patterns at the touch of a button. Turn your patterns into exciting performances with the mute and fill function. The Little Eight has 16 patterns with up to 16 steps. Create longer rhythms by chaining multiple patterns. The LL8 synchronizes to an incoming clock source and resets automatically if the signal is interrupted for a few seconds. Here you'll find a video.



• Number of Tracks: 8

• Number of Steps per Track: up to 16

• Number of Patterns: 16 (chainable)

• 1 x Clock In

• 8 x Trigger Out

• 1 x MIDI Out (adapter required)


Technical details:
• 10HP, 2.5 cm deep
• Current draw: +12V: 20mA


This is a Do-It-Yourself kit, not an assembled module. Building instructions can be found here.

DIY level: medium. The assembly is really easy and suitable for beginners.

Robaux - LL8

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Robaux - SWT16+ DIY Kit

The SWT16+ is a 16-track Eurorack step sequencer with up to 64 steps per track. The module makes it possible to create up to 8 different patterns which can stored in a total of 16 presets. Programmable like a classic TR machine, the SWT16 can be used not only for triggering drum sounds but also envelopes or other modulation sources. Here you'll find an introduction video and one video about the basics.

  • Current draw: +12V: 65mA, -12V 0mA
  • Width: 20HP, depth: 30mm

DIY level: medium. The assembly instruction PDF is here.

Robaux - SWT16+ DIY Kit

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Robaux - 3PT DIY Kit

The Robaux 3PT is a three-channel multimode CV generator. The digital «Tripot» contains seven different modes. You can use it as a macro controller or as a modulation LFO. It works as a chord progression generator and can also be used as a quantizer with 25 scales as well as a quantizeable random generator. Last but not least it offers two sequencer modes: an 8-step sequencer that can be split into two channels and a triple Euclidean rhythm generator.


Here you'll find a video.

  • Current draw: +12V: 65mA, -12V 0mA
  • Width: 10HP, depth: 32mm, Matte FR4 Panel
  • Inputs: 1 x unipolar 5V, ADC 10 Bit

  •  Outputs: 3 x unipolar 5V, DAC 12 Bit

DIY level: medium. The assembly instructions are here.

Robaux - 3PT DIY Kit

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