Building these DIY kits happens on your own risk. We can't do support or give a guarantee for correct function, because that depends on your own skills. Be responsible and check the building instructions before you buy. Thank you!


Transistorkreis is a Modular enthusiast and maker from Berlin, who has built the module he was missing. He really takes care of details and you can feel that: beautiful packaging, the finest panel quality and only the best switches and electronic parts. André has really gone the extra mile to deliver the best quality. In addition, the module can be customized.

Of course, this is reflected by a bit higher price, but we're sure that it is a durable module. We hope that you like his approach, it will sell and he will have the chance to create a next module.


Check the first video below or this new one for some ideas

how to use the module!

Transistorkreis - Random

The transistorkreis random is a quad true random voltage generator for modulation and for digital noise. There are two inputs to trigger new random voltages and each of the four outputs can be switched to
• uniform or normal random distribution,
• unipolar or bipolar voltage range,
• an amplitude of 5 Vpp or 10 Vpp.

Assembling the DIY kits for the Moog (MU) and the Eurorack format is straightforward since all SMD components are already soldered. Nevertheless, basic knowledge of soldering and electronics is mandatory. The generic design of the transistorkreis random supports any modular format and its firmware is open source. Respectively, you can customize it to suit your requirements. Including screws and washers for your module carrier and a Eurorack power cable with the Eurorack version, which is skiff-friendly. Please watch this and that demo video on what it can do and have a look at the manual for details.

Supply voltage: ±12 V to ±15 V
Current draw: 32 mA @ +12/+15 V, 15 mA @ -12/-15 V
Width: 6 HP (Eurorack), 1 HP (Moog)
Depth: 38 mm (Eurorack), 45 mm (Moog)
Panel color: The Eurorack panel is silver, the Moog one is black!


This is a Do-It-Yourself kit, not an assembled module. SMD parts are pre-soldered, rest to solder.

Building instructions can be downloaded here.

DIY level: easy.


Transistorkreis - Random
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