Building these DIY kits happens on your own risk. We can't do support or give a guarantee for correct function, because that depends on your own skills. Be responsible and check the building instructions before you buy. Thank you!

Maffez - D3mix

*NEW * NEW * NEW *

D3MIX by Maffez is a passive triple level-module that lets you route signals between different paths in a clever way.

First, your signal is routed between ground and a point "b", allowing you to cover simple tasks like signal starvation, attenuation, splitting and passive mixing. With creative patching you can also do some pretty interesting things like asymmetric modulations, which is illustrated and explained in more detail in the manual.

Another mode lets you control between individual channels and a common "node", creating multiples in a flash, realising a 3-1 mixer or a 1-9 distributor. Experimental or pragmatic? Definitely both, and fun either way!

Read more info and hear audio demos on the Maffez website.

Maffez developed this module in dialogue with Pedro Eustache, who uses some of the gizmos in his rack during the show "The World of Hans Zimmer" and the soundtracks of "The Mandalorian" and "Avatar: The Way of Water". Maffez has donated 100% of the money he got from us for the DIY kits to Omas for Future.

Power: passive

Width: 8 HP
Depth: 15 mm

Panel: Black FR4

DIY level: very easy.

Building instructions can be downloaded here. Only THT parts to solder.

Maffez - D3mix

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Bumm Bumm Garage - VCF (MS-20 Filter)

*NEW * NEW * NEW *

The Bumm Bumm Garage VCF is a voltage controlled low and high pass filter. It features everything that you need for creating unique timbres in your voices or giving them a designated place in the mix. Just plug your audio in the HPF or LPF jack, connect the output to the next stage in your chain and start shaping your sound! Find some inspiration in the demo video.

The circuit of the filter is based on a Korg MS-20 adaptation by René Schmitz. It has a spacious board layout and a reduced variety of component values to ensure the smoothest assembly possible.

• Two in one: Low (LPF) and high pass filter (LPF)
• Modular fun: Cutoff CV with attenuation
• Linear & anarchic: Variable resonance with soft and hard response

Power: 16mA @+12V; 16mA @-12V

Width: 6 HP
Depth: 46 mm (with power jack plugged in)

Panel: White FR4 material

DIY level: medium.
All the documentation (schematics, BOM, assembly guide, …) is hosted on the module's project page for easy download.

Bumm Bumm Garage - VCF (MS-20 Filter)

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TubeOhm - Jeannie (Polyphonic Synth)

Jeannie is an 8-voice polyphonic DIY synthesizer by TubeOhm’s Andre’ Laska and Rolf Degen, who also worked with Sonic Potions and others. They really took their time to develop it during the past few years and now here is it, currently released in small batches. If it is out of stock, it will come back soon after.


Jeannie features 2 Oscillators, Noise, 2 Envelopes, a Multimode Filter, Waveshaper, 2 LFOs, Ring Modulator, FM, XOR, OR, and a Step Sequencer. The Oscillators can run independently or synced and feature the impressive amount of 945 different waveforms each! 2048 sounds programs can be stored on the SD Card.


New to the latest firmware is an adjustable Waveshaper per voice. Unlike in many other synths, the Waveshaper is located after the filter, what gives extremely interesting timbres and has its advantages. The synth contains a digital effect processor with 14 different, adjustable effects.


TubeOhm are constantly improving the firmware at the moment, so you can expect updates and new features during the near future. This is definitely an extremely interesting DIY project with a high price/performance ratio. Hopefully a little community will grow over time around that nice piece of gear.


To get an impression what Jeannie is capable of, please check out this Amazona article including a video sound demo and also read the detailed manual - it’s worth it!

The TubeOhm website is the resource for some sound demos, building instructions, manuals, firmware updates etc. Please download all that stuff there.


You additionally need:

• Power supply 12V DC, min. 1A with 5,5/2,1mm center positive

• Micro SD RAM card 8 to 16 GB


This is a Do-It-Yourself kit, not an assembled module. SMD parts are pre-soldered, rest to solder.

DIY level: medium/advanced. Building instructions can be downloaded on the TubeOhm website.

TubeOhm - Jeannie (Polyphonic Synth)

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Landscape - Soundwich (DIY)

Soundwich is a device based on the sound of tact switches, hardware and PCB material. In part it’s a compact and sturdy form factor for interaction with piezo experimentation. The piezo disks are directly mounted to the undersides of the top and bottom PCBs creating a direct connection to the sounds of the tact switches. The two 3.5mm jacks can be used as either ins or outs. One is a momentary out and one is always on. The momentary output allows you to hear only the depressed click sound of the tact switches while the always on output allows you to hear both the depress and release of the tact switches amplified by the two piezos. When you shake the Soundwich you will hear the sound of six washers sliding along machine screws and colliding against the two piezo pickups. Using momentary out while shaking will only allow that sound to escape when disks are compressed. Compressing along the edges will provide different filtering amounts depending on where you press [the 7 stacked lines indicate greatest amount of filtering/attenuation with less and less filtering as your travel counterclockwise till there is nearly zero].  Routing audio or CV through provides a fast and tactile handheld momentary on device.

Check this video or that. For more description, check the Landscape website.


This is a Do-It-Yourself kit, not an assembled module. Building instructions can be found here. It's easy but you have to solder SMT components!

DIY level: medium

Landscape - Soundwich (DIY)
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16n AtoVproject Rework - Controller

The 16n AtoVproject Rework is aimed a solving a problem very specific to modular synthesis. As a patch is getting more and more complex a forest of cables has grown over your system before you know it. This module allows you to take the control from the modular into a very ergonomic controller that integrates perfectly into a modern studio.


The 16n AtoVproject Rework is a controller sending CV, I2C, MIDI jack, USB MIDI (compatible PC, Mac, iPad etc...), making it the absolute ultimate controller for any of your hardware and software all in one!


Even better this controller can either can either be used as a Eurorack module or as a standalone unit using the beautiful aluminum enclosure. In 2019, the Berlin Modular community showed interest into building the 16n Faderbank. As one of the Berlin Modular community organizers, I decided to make a redesign of the 16n faderbank following the suggestions and desires of our members. The 16n AtoVproject Rework is the result.


This unit features :

• 16 high high end Alps faders

• Eurorack compatible and standalone enclosure (for use in or out of the rack)

• Selectable 0-5V or 0-10V CV output range (independent setting for each faders)

• High stability power conditioning for high stability analog inputs.

• Addition of utility connector on the back of the unit to simplify the use of i2c with modules like the ER301


This version of the 16n Faderbank ships with:

• AtoVproject 16n Rework Eurorack module

• Enclosure for standalone use (Alumunium Powder coated)

• USB cable (High quality 1,5m braided and shielded)

• MIDI din to Jack adapter (90° angled, Type A)

• Eurorack Power Cable


The 16n AtoVproject rework is a complete redesign of the original open source (CC-BY-SA) project 16n faderbank. This project was originated by Brian Crabtree, Sean Hellfritsch, Tom Armitage, Brendon Cassidy. As wished by the original designers the 16n AtoVproject rework is also open source and uses the same CC-BY-SA licence.


This is a Do-It-Yourself kit, not an assembled module. Building instructions can be found here.

DIY level: medium

16n AtoVproject Rework - Controller

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AtoVproject - Gaeto

The AtoVproject Gaeto is a new type of clocked logic module. Gaeto is a great module to play around with triggers, gates and legatoes turning one into the other. As a result we decided to name the module Gaeto from “Gate” and “Legato”.

Some of the functions that the module can perform are:

• /2 /3 Clock divider

• legato generator

• trigger to gate converter

• time quantizer

• sub octave generator with PWM

• generative trigger sequence


The Gaeto’s function is to perform the following operation:

“If the signal on the data input has been high, then the output is high at the next clock. If not - the non-output is high.” In other words, if the signal on the input signal goes over 1V then the memory stores a 1 if not it stores a 0. At the next clock the output will be high if a 1 was stored and the non output will be high if a 0 was stored. The output is coupled with an AND gate that allows for the outputs to either follow the pulse width of the clock or be maintained high until the next clock. This function is also CV controllable for interesting rhythm modulations. This rather obscure function allows for an extremely wide range of uses. This is a module that rewards exploration. Additionally, multiple Gaetos can be chained together using the included cable to create shift register functions. This design relies on CD4000 series ICs (4013 and 4081). These were selected for their reliability, high speed and low power consumption. Power cable and 3 pin dupont cable for chaining modules are included.


Power: 24mA @+12V, 12mA @-12V

Width: 6 HP

Depth: 26mm

Panel: black or grey


This is a Do-It-Yourself kit, not an assembled module. Building instructions can be found here. All SMT components are pre-polulated, you only have to solder through-hole parts.

DIY level: easy

AtoVproject - Gaeto

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AtoVproject - cDVCA

cDVCA or class-D VCA is a new kind of VCA based on an entirely novel concept that is inspired from class-D amplification technology. This is not a transparent VCA and brings a lot of character to the sound. The first VCA that tracks 1V/oct. Please check the videos on the AtoV website, they describe quite clearly what the module does.

Concept: The input signal is turned into an ultrasonic PWM signal (~34kHz). The PWM is scaled to the desired amplitude and then filtered back down to the original signal.

The twist: The PWM frequency can be lowered down into the audio spectrum and the frequency can be controlled via its 1V/oct input allowing for crazy waveshaping that tracks your melodies.

The drive controls an innovative clipping method that does not rely on overdriving any circuitry and therefore results in distortions with a very defined character.
The signal then goes into a 1 pole VCF/tone circuit that allows to keep things under some amount of control as the harmonics produced by this module can be very aggressive.
With no input the module generates a square wave and therefore can be used a simple synth voice (VCO->VCA-VCF).

Current draw +12 V [mA]: 40
Current draw -12 V [mA]: 40
Current draw +5 V [mA]: 0
Depth [mm]: 20
Width [HP]: 6
Panel: Black Alu / Silver Alu

This is a Do-It-Yourself kit, not an assembled module. The kit includes all parts to build the module. All SMD parts are pre-soldered, only trough-hole parts to solder. Make sure to check the build guide before you buy. For build guide, videos etc. check the AtoV website.

DIY level: easy

AtoVproject - cDVCA

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Eowave - Weather Drones

Eowave's Weather Drones is an all in one drone voice for eurorack modular. The Weather Drones can be self patched, or used with other eurorack modules via CV and trig inputs. Check out this video. The architecture of the module is as follows, some of which is pre-patched:

• Digital tri wave oscillator, controls are freq, spread (adds more triangle waveforms, up to 8), character (wave folder), fm in with attenuator

• LFO with square and tri wave out

• Filter with cutoff and feedback, mod input with attenuator and second mod input without

• AD envelope with level attenuator

• Random sample and hold noise (driven by square wave LFO) with slew



Version 1.5 is a full kit with SMD parts presoldered. This version is technically updated to the previous versions and all SMD components are already pre-soldered. All THT parts to be soldered by you.

* Before you ask yourself: the big potentiometer is delivered without nut. It's ment to be like this.


Technical details:
• 100mA +12V, 10mA -12V

• 24HP, 38mm deep


This is a Do-It-Yourself kit, not an assembled module. Building instructions can be downloaded here.

DIY level: easy/medium

Eowave - Weather Drones

145,00 €

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  • Sold out at the moment

Tubbutec - Wired Heart

Wired Heart is a battery powered experimental sound synthesizer. It features six sensors which can detect touch and humidity. Each of the sensors controls the pitch of an oscillator: Press harder or have more sweaty hands to get a higher pitch. Touch multiple sensors at the same time to create crazy cross modulations by the current flowing through you. Each sensor serves a different function. It is best to explore the Wired Heart sound universe by trial and error.Just insert a 3V CR2032 battery and have fun! Here is a YouTube video about it!


How Does It Work? There are two master oscillators, each controlling two slave oscillators. The slave oscillators are modulated in different ways: The left master osc modulates the amplitude of its associated slave oscs. When the master frequency is low you can hear the two slave oscs being turned on and off alternately. Higher frequencies create weird, sometimes voice-like sounds - in stereo. The upper right slave osc is modulated in a hardsync-like way. The osc is reset each time the master osc starts a new cycle. This creates rich sound spectra reaching from stutter to voice-like sounds to unexplainable stuff. The lower right osc is frequency modulated by the master osc. At lower master frequencies this creates tremolo effects. At higher frequencies you will hear sounds like bells or voices. Via the stereo output jack the Wired Heart can be connected to an amplifier or headphones. The output jack additionally works as a power switch. If disconnected, Wired Heart is in standby mode and consumes very little power.


Upgrade Each oscillator of Wired Heart comes with extension ports to connect additional electronics. The kit comes with 3 LEDs, 3 LDRs and a potentiometer. By using the LDRs the oscillators will react to light. This can be your hand covering an existing light source, a flashlight shining onto the heart or the light of one or more LEDs. The LEDs in turn flash with the rate of the oscillators. By simply connecting a few components you can create a never-repeating, chaotic self driven sound source.


Building instruction is included in the box.

DIY level: easy as fuck, only a few solder joints, as most is pre-polulated SMT parts.

Tubbutec - Wired Heart

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Sonic Potions - Descent - Euro Kit

Descent is an analogue dual envelope generator. It provides 2 independent voltage controlled decay EGs. The envelopes can be switched between triggered or gated (sustain) mode. The first trigger input is normalized to the second one and each channel provides a LED to visualize the envelope signal. The shape of the envelope can be adjusted between lin/exp with a trimmer on the back of the PCB. Decay times are adjustable between a few ms up to several seconds. It comes as a complete kit with all needed parts to build it. That includes a multi colour aluminum frontpanel, high quality jacks and smooth 9mm metal pots.


  • Current draw: +12V 70mA | -12V 30mA
  • Width: 6HP
  • Depth: 40mm
  • CV input voltage: +/-5V
  • CV output voltage: 0-8V.

Building instructions can be found here. DIY level: easy, medium.

Sonic Potions - Descent

95,00 €

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  • Available
  • Ships within 3-5 days1

TubeOhm - SMR4P Multi VCF


The TubeOhm SMR4P is a 10HP Eurorack Multimode VCF that combines the best features from two different filter circuits. The SMR4P design features the warm sound of the SMR4MkII filter alongside the 15 various filter shapes of the 4-Pole Mission VCF. This makes SMR4P a powerful ‘Swiss Army Knife’ filter, that can be switched between different filter types and slopes depending on your current need. This design also has some extra creative features, such as voltage-controlled switching between filter types, VC Cutoff Modulation, internal FM and a built-in VCA.

  • Lowpass Modes: 6 + 12 + 18 + 24dB
  • Hipass Modes: 6 + 12 + 18dB
  • Bandpass Modes: 6 + 12dB
  • Other Modes: HP2LP, HP3LP,Notch,Phaser, Notch+LP1, Phaser+LP1
  • Current draw: 50 mA on + 12V, 30 mA  on -12V
  • Width: 10HP
  • Depth: 55mm
  • Freq. Range: 20Hz - 22kHz

Building instructions can be found here. DIY level: advanced.

TubeOhm - SMR4P Multi VCF

149,50 €

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  • Available
  • Ships within 3-5 days1

Joranalogue - Test 3 - Euro DIY Kit

An essential tool for DIYers! Test 3 is a tool for measuring voltages and currents in your Eurorack system. This means that just a single circuit board or module can now replace a convoluted test setup with multiple multimeters, custom cables etc. Two push buttons allow you to cycle the value shown on the LED display between three measurements (voltage, current and stored peak current) of the three power rails. The peak currents continually update in the background on all rails, making it ideal for quickly getting maximum current figures. Apart from measuring the current draw of a single module, Test 3 also supports testing power supplies and cables, measuring an entire system (up to 1 A of current on each rail), troubleshooting DIY modules, powering a skiff or breadboard from a larger system...

  • Width: 8 HP
  • Current draw: +12: 35 mA

DIY level: easy. Building instructions can be found here.

Joranalogue - Test 3

95,00 €

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  • Available
  • Ships within 3-5 days1

Sonic Potions - Penrose - Euro-Kit

This current edition has a beautiful silver aluminum panel with black anodized print like on the first pic! Looks really beautiful.

Penrose is a very nice CV quantizer DIY kit for the eurorack format. It takes an incoming continuous CV voltage and converts it to the nearest note in a scale. Active notes can be selected with the 12 buttons. You can use it to tune the output of your analog sequencer, as a semi random melody generator, for fast chiptune arpeggios and much more. It comes as a complete kit with all needed parts to build it. That includes a multi colour aluminum frontpanel, high quality jacks and illuminated bi-color push buttons. The project is open source, so the schematic and source code is available.


Power 60mA @+12V; 2,5mA

Width 6HP

Depth 40mm

CV input voltage 0-10V

Output voltage 0-10V


Building instructions, more infos and demos can be found here.

DIY level: easy/medium.

Sonic Potions - Penrose - DIY Kit

105,00 €

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  • Available
  • Ships within 3-5 days1

Sonic Potions - Mal-2 - Euro Kit

Mal-2 is a random signal generator mainly intended as CV modulation source. It has 2 modes of operation to provide you with smooth random goodness. Imagine Eris herself lends you a third hand to keep your patches interesting. 1) In the first mode the CHANGE knob morphs from a cubic interpolated (sine like shaped) random signal to a random walk function that could make a wallstreet broker delirious with joy. 2) In the second mode the CHANGE knob sets the self similarity. On the minimum setting the signal is completely random. On the maximum setting the random sequence is locked to a repeating, identical 8 step sequence. In between the sequence seamlessly morphs to new shapes over time. This gives you a random CV where you can shape the bounds in which the chaos unfolds and goes far beyond a slew limited white noise.



  •     6 HP
  •     12 bit CV output
  •     through hole components DIY kit
  •     Random gate output
  •     CV inputs with attenuverter for both knobs
  •     super slow cycles times up to lower audio range
  •     +12V 60mA | -12V 5mA

Building instructions, more infos and demos can be found here.

DIY level: easy/medium.

Sonic Potions - Mal-2 - DIY Kit

95,00 €

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  • Sold out at the moment

MiniCV 2 - Midi to Gate/CV Interface

High precision MIDI-to-Gate/CV DIY inferface. The perfect solution for midifying small analogue synths or gadgets due to small dimensions: 21x12mm. But it's a full high precision MIDI interface, also suitable for more expensive synths. Please read the full and very impressive specs list here. Made by MIDI-Hardware from Poland. With a few extra components you can also build a full standalone interface on a small budget. Please check detailed manual and instructions before you buy, they can be found here.

DIY level: easy. The PCB itself comes assembled with SMD parts, only a few cables or components to solder (not included).


MiniCV 2 - Midi to Gate/CV Interface

37,50 €

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+12V to +9V Power Converter

AVAILABLE AGAIN 2027 or a lifetime later!

Our converter is a top solution for:

  • any DIY project that needs clean and stable 9V like guitar pedals etc.,
  • if you want to migrate your 9V projects into your Eurorack system or want to create a stable 9V source from your Eurorack,
  • and generally all projects like Fuzz boxes, which suffer from bleed through caused by dirty switching supplies.

All that mess is cleaned up!


Our converter uses 12V (DC) -+20% on the input and generates a stabilized, very clean 9V +-1% of 150mA at the output side. It also is save against wrong polarity on the input, overpower save due a self resetting fuse. It works with all of our 12V DC power supplies.

DIY level: easy. The PCB itself is assembled, only a few cables to solder.

PSPC 1209 / +12V to +9V Power Converter

5,00 €

  • 0,01 kg
  • Sold out at the moment

+12V to +/-12V Power Converter

We developed this module to power modules like our TR-808 Kick or single Eurorack modules by a standard power supply. It uses 12V to 18V (DC) on the input and generates a symmetrical output of +/-12V (1W) at the output side. It also is save against wrong polarity on the input, overpower save due a self resetting fuse. It's a top solution for any DIY project that needs symmetrical power. A more powerful version is also planned. We also offer a power supply for it.

DIY level: easy. The PCB itself is assembled, only a few cables to solder.

15,00 €

  • 0,01 kg
  • Sold out at the moment