Disclaimer: Building these DIY kit happens on your own risk. We try to give our best to support you during the livestream of

the event, but a 100% guarantee for correct function is never possible in DIY, because that depends on your own skills.

Livestreamed Workshop: 30th april / 7pm

This is how it goes:

1) You buy the DIY kit during SB Home Edition on 23rd april, latest 24th in the morning.

    Only items from this page, no combined orders, please.

2) You pay by Paypal or Credit Card, no bank transfer for this workshop.

3) We ship the DIY kit to you on 24th around noon. EU only. Then it should arrive within one week.

4) We meet online in the Youtube livestream on 30th april at 7pm Berlin time and will give you a basic soldering

    lesson and guide you through the building process. You can ask questions in the chat of course, language is english.

Additional Info:

The DIY kit includes all parts and some good solder, but not the tools. It is suitable for beginners. Before the workshop please have a look here for the recommended tools and watch at least the short soldering tutorial.


You minimum need:
• Soldering Iron (not included)

• Solder (included)

• Wirecutter (not included)

LeafAudio - Noisefoc - DIY Kit + Superbooth Home Edition Workshop

Noisefoc is an experimental Oscillator, good for noise and Pan Sonic style buzz sounds. It's nice as a pure sound source or as a base for hihat and percussion sounds, it also works as weird CV source.

Noisefoc is a great learning project, in the manual the basic parts and their functions are explained. It is based around three CMOS NAND gates as oscillators, controlled by potentiometers and a light dependent resistor (LDR). There's an optical representation of the frequencies via LEDs, two mixing circuits (different sound via diode or resistor mixing) to mix the oscillators and a power starving function which makes the device completely out of control. It has a CV input, called pitch influence - forget 1V/Oct please.


DIY level: easy, suitable for beginners. Download the building instructions and manual here.

LeafAudio - Noisefoc - DIY Kit + Superbooth Home Edition Workshop

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Mini Wirecutter

A simple mini wirecutter. Not the best but cheap. A wirecutter is a must have for DIY!

Mini Wirecutter

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