No mixed orders

For organisational reasons, please do not place mixed orders with other goods from the shop. Only the DIY kits for the workshop and tools, offered on this shop site. Everything else could lead to possible delays for you and affect your workshop experience. Thanks!

Dronesynth & Noisefoc

Dronesynth is a standalone four OSC stereo Drone synthesizer in a beautiful wooden box. It features two channels with two Squarewave-OSC each. The oscillators can be synced per channel to generate the typical sync sound, which sometimes sounds like a special kind of "pseudo-filtering". Then the volume of OSC-1 and OSC-2 per channel can be balanced by the Mixing circuit. After that, both channels are fed into a Filter circuit, which share the Cutoff control. The Filter is realised as a kind of Tilt-EQ, a combination of high-shelf and low-shelf.

It works with 9V Battery or 9-12V DC power supply (center positive)


Noisefoc is an experimental Eurorack Oscillator, good for noise and Pan Sonic style buzz sounds. It's nice as a pure sound source or as a base for hihat and percussion sounds. Noisefoc is a great learning project, in the manual the basic parts and their functions are explained. It is based around three CMOS NAND gates as oscillators, controlled by potentiometers and a light dependent resistor (LDR).

It is powered by ribbon cable from a Eurorack system or you can use a 9V battery to use it standalone.

Stuttgart Workshop (04.8.2022)


This is a local workshop in Stuttgart, not an online workshop. We will bring the kits with us to Stuttgart, no shipping.

Start time: 17h

Adress: Climax Instritutes, Calwer Str. 25, 70173 Stuttgart


Registration is possible until 3rd August. Price is a deposit and and is to reserve your ticket, which is not refundable if you cancel after 24th of july. The rest has to be paid cash on the workshop day.


Register for the workshop by chosing your kit and buy your registration, then your place is save.


Noisefoc: 75€ (-30€ deposit + 5€ shipping) = 40€ Rest payment cash on 4. August.

Dronesynth: 99€ (-30€ deposit + 5€ shipping) = 64€ Rest payment cash on 4. August.


Noisefoc is a brilliant first kit for beginners.

Dronesynth is also easy but more complex and needs more time, so it is good to have at least some  little experience. We will take care about the electronics, you do the wood work at home.

Workshop duration: depends on your skills, but calculate 2-3h.



We will bring soldering irons and some tools. If you have your own tools, bring it. If you wear eyeglasses, please bring them!!!

Good soldering iron, desoldering- pump or -braid, a wirecutter are essential for this kits.


Here is a facebook event for the workshop. After the workshop there will be a talk about "How to start Synth DIY" plus Stammtisch.

Feel free to ask questions and stay for the party after 22h. This will be a fun night!


Stuttgart Workshop (04.8.2022)

30,00 €

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DHL Express Shipping for Workshop

By adding this item to your order, we will ship it with DHL Express instead of normal DHL. Should only be neccesary when booking the workshop relatively late and you are outside of germany. Check the full list of our shipping countries here, no other countries possible!

DHL Express Shipping for Workshop

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Mini Multimeter (WS)

A simple, small and affordable multi tool with all the neccesary modes you need when starting DIY. Later you can upgrade, but with this thing you can check your built for shorts, correct polarity and measure some voltages and resistances. Maybe most importantly it has a "beep" mode to check connections, traces, short circuits and so on.


DC Voltage: 200mV ~ 600V

AC Voltage: 200mV ~ 600V

DC Current: 200uA ~ 200mA

AC Current: 200uA ~ 200mA

Resistance: 200Ω ~ 20MΩ

Power: 3V CR2032 (NOT INCLUDED)

Size: 120 x 55 x 10mm

Mini Multimeter (WS)

12,90 €

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Wirecutter (WS)

A simple cheapo wirecutter. It's a must have for DIY! These are not the same quality as Knipex of course but only cost a part - it's kind of ok for entry level DIY.


6,50 €

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4x Nut Tool Set (WS)

Forget scratched panels! This set includes tools for the 4 most common nuts in Eurorack!

1) Thonkiconn / Knobbicon 8mm knurled nut

2) Thonkiconn / Knobbicon 8mm hex nut

3) Befaco Bananuts / Cliff FC681374V / PJ3410 split nut

4) Doepfer (Cliff CL1384) hex nuts

4x Nut Tool Set

20,00 €

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Stannol Kristall 611 - 0,7mm - 100g (WS)

Kristall 611 is the best solder we could currently find, so we would like to offer it to you for your DIY projects.  We tested dozens of solder wires and this stood out, even on difficult surfaces. The diameter of 0,7mm makes it kind of universal.

Stannol Kristall 611 - 0,7mm

17,40 €

119,00 € / kg
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