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Transient 4R Online Workshop (25.3.2021)



1) Registration possible from 1. to 14th of march
2) Shipping is on 15th of march

3) The online DIY Workshop will take part on thursday, 25th of march at 6pm (CET)


We will guide you to build your own Transient 4R. You register by buing the kit and afterwards we will ship it to your place. We'll meet online 10 days later to build it together. Make sure to read all the infos here!


A little sample of Stannol Kristall 611 solder already included. In case you need more or you need other tools, scroll down please. Good soldering iron, desoldering braid, tweezers and possibly a flux pen are essential for this kit!


About the module: This small thing brings life into your patches! Small but sooper good! The 4R is a quad random voltage generator in 2HP. It generates two different random stepped voltages per input, each time a rising edge is sensed at TRIG1 or TRIG2. The inputs are independent so they can work at different clock speeds. As TRIG2 is normalled to TRIG1 it is also possible to get 4 random values with just one trigger. The voltage range of each pair of outputs can be set as unipolar (0V to +5V) or bipolar (-5V to +5V). The build document and a video can be checked here.


Power: +12V: 60mA, -12V: 40mA
Width: 2 HP

Depth: 50mm

DIY level: medium/advanced. This DIY kit includes some bigger SMT parts plus some small through-hole resistors.

Transient 4R Online Workshop (25.3.2021)

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DHL Express Shipping for Workshop

By adding this item to your order, we will ship it with DHL Express instead of normal DHL. Should not be neccesary within germany. When you are located in the EU, CH or NOR, this might make sense and is recommended, specially during this Covid situation. Check the full list of our shipping countries here, no other countries possible!

DHL Express Shipping for Workshop

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Mini Multimeter (WS)

A simple, small and affordable multi tool with all the neccesary modes you need when starting DIY. Later you can upgrade, but with this thing you can check your built for shorts, correct polarity and measure some voltages and resistances. Maybe most importantly it has a "beep" mode to check connections, traces, short circuits and so on.


DC Voltage: 200mV ~ 600V

AC Voltage: 200mV ~ 600V

DC Current: 200uA ~ 200mA

AC Current: 200uA ~ 200mA

Resistance: 200Ω ~ 20MΩ

Power: 3V CR2032 (NOT INCLUDED)

Size: 120 x 55 x 10mm

Mini Multimeter (WS)

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Wirecutter (WS)

A simple cheapo wirecutter. It's a must have for DIY! These are not the same quality as Knipex of course but only cost a part - it's kind of ok for entry level DIY.


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4x Nut Tool Set (WS)

Forget scratched panels! This set includes tools for the 4 most common nuts in Eurorack!

1) Thonkiconn / Knobbicon 8mm knurled nut

2) Thonkiconn / Knobbicon 8mm hex nut

3) Befaco Bananuts / Cliff FC681374V / PJ3410 split nut

4) Doepfer (Cliff CL1384) hex nuts

4x Nut Tool Set

20,00 €

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Stannol Kristall 611 - 0,7mm

Kristall 611 is the best solder we could currently find, so we would like to offer it to you for your DIY projects.  We tested dozens of solder wires and this stood out, even on difficult surfaces. The diameter of 0,7mm makes it kind of universal.

Stannol Kristall 611 - 0,7mm

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