Who we are

Long before Exploding Shed we (Manuel & Hagen) did DIY workshops since 2009 under the name LeafAudio. We did far over 100 workshops and worked with Electronic Beats, Superbooth, Adobe, Ableton, Elbphilharmonie, Niemandsland Festival, Krake, Panke Berlin, Loop, Bayrischer Rundfunk and many, many more. Since 2016 we are running Exploding Shed as a DIY shop and now from 2020 on we want to put our knowledge in a series of livestreamed online workshops under the roof of Exploding Shed. Let's go!

What The FAQ?

Please read the basics further down. This section here should answer your basic questions about the organisation and registration process behind the online workshops.


If something is not answered, please write us an email and we'll include that info here if it is interesting to a broader audience.


You will find the technical FAQ and basic DIY infos in the knowledge base. Please definitely read that! It is absolutely essential before a workshop.

Please Read The Basics

Beginner-friendly Workshops

As power-DIYers do not need basic infos, they mostly work alone in their specific tempo. Our online workshops are beginner friendly. You should definitely prepare yourself as much as possible, specially by checking our technical knowledge base. Please do so! In every online workshop we will repeat the basics again, cause 10 years of workshop-experience have proven, that it's never a mistake.


EU Only

Our shop operates EU only and the DIY kits are physical goods, which have to be shipped in time. It means that participation is limited to our shipping countries only, which are mainly EU. To find out if your country is included, check this list here.


Workshop Registration

You register to a workshop by buying the specific DIY kit in the dedicated workshop area. The current dates/kits are always visible here. You can register until two weeks before the actual workshop event, then the event is closed. Experience has proven, that postal services might need more than a week to deliver the DIY kit in time to your location, specially since Covid-19. During Corona we might not be able to ship to every country, which could be restricted by DHL or any other postal services - we will refund you then. We use DHL by the way, which works well for us since years, in your country DHL parcels might be operated by other local postal services. From november 2020 on we also can use DHL Express and you can speed up your delivery by booking that on top.



Please use Credit Card or Paypal only for these workshop orders, as bank transfer will cause a delay for your shipment. We only ship paid goods! We love bank transfer, as it is much cheaper for everybody, but not in that case.


No mixed orders

For organisational reasons, please do not place mixed orders with other goods. Only the DIY kits for the workshop and tools, offered on the same shop site. Everything else will lead to chaos and delays for you and affect your workshop experience.


Order didn't arrive in time

In rare cases it might happen that your order is stuck somewhere and cannot be delivered in time. Normally 10 days to 2 weeks should definitely be enough, but you never know. In that cases you can watch the livestream recording later. Not optimal, but it works.


Invitation Emails

We send emails before a workshop event to make sure you have all the info you need. We might contact you later and ask for feedback for this one specific workshop, but no further. If you with to be up to date, subscribe to our newsletter.


Livestreamed Workshop

On the specific date of the workshop you should "meet" us in the livestream minimum 15 minutes before start time to make sure your technic works. We will then guide you in realtime through the building process and you can ask questions or write comments. The workshop is held in english language.


Livestream platform

It is very likely that we'll use YouTube for the livestream. We are still optimizing our technical setup and right now it is not all set and done.


No guarantee

As DIY always depends on your own skills and tools, there is never a function guarantee for any DIY kit on earth. We'll do our best to help you, but when starting DIY, you accept the possibility of errors. Troubleshooting is essential to DIY and your troubleshooting knowledge will grow over time. Every DIYer has his/her "box of shame" with unfinished kits and unsolved problems. That is part of DIY and always will be.