While buiding the electronics of the Microphonic Soundbox is relatively easy, all the mechanical steps are a bit more unusual. We could waste many words about it, but we think it is much easier to take you through the process by some videos wih comments. Good luck!

For the contact microphones we tried to use the best shielded cable and connectors, so we ended up with HF-cable and IPEX connectors. In video #1 you see how to connect the IPEX connector.

In video #2 we show how to glue the wood box together. In this step you need an additional sponge and painters tape. After this step it has to dry at least a couple of hours, better over night.

In video #3 you see how to prepare the carbon strips for the Kalimba on the Soundbox. You might want to wear a dust mask and thin gloves.

In video #4 we show how to prepare the wood box after glueing it together and how to attach the Kalimba. Meanwhile we developed a counterpart for the Kalimba body, the video is outdated in this point but we talk about it in the audio commets.

After the box itself is ready and the Kalimba is attached, you can now add the wood block. This is shown in video #5.

Video #6 is about fiddling the springs onto the wood block. You will need some pliers and screw driver or electric screw driver.

In video #7 we show how to install the tested and working circuit into the wood box.

You have nearly made it! In video #8 is shown, how to attach the rubber feet onto the bottom and building in the battery holder. You will now put the knobs onto the potentiometers, put the sandpaper on and add the funky metal rods.