Building these DIY kits happens on your own risk. We can't do support or give a guarantee for correct function, because that depends on your own skills. Be responsible and check the building instructions before you buy. Thank you!


Knapplåda is a DIY case with 104 HP space for your modules, a busboard with 16 bus-connectors and ~1 Ampere on +12V, -12V and +5V. The cover also acts as a stand, so you have your modules placed in a nice angle in front of you.



• 104 HP

• Including busboard & power supply

• Cover/stand included

• Slide nuts or threaded strips (M3) can be inserted from the side

• ~1 Ampere each on +12V/ -12V/ +5V

• Find more specs in the manual


It is your perfect entry into the modular world without spending much cash on power supply and case. Who did some research on that topics knows that it quickly gets complicated and expensive. Our answer: just get an all-in-one solution and focus on music instead of tech stuff! Here is Knapplåda!

LeafAudio - Knapplåda DIY Case

The DIY kit includes all materials you need to build the case. On top of that you will need some tools. We think it will take around one or two evenings to build it for most of you. Please make sure to check the building instructions before you buy the kit, you can find them here. We put a lot of effort in this project and we hope you like it!


This is a Do-It-Yourself kit, not an assembled module. You need solder- and woodworking skills.

DIY level: medium/advanced. Building instructions can be downloaded here.


LeafAudio - Knapplåda DIY Case

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