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Product information "Befaco - 7U Case"
This is the DIY kit version of Befaco's 7U Eurorack case, it supplies you with 2 rows of 3U plus 1 row of 1U (3U+3U+1U). For even more detailed info please visit Befaco's website via the button below.

Bringing your system into the next level:
Equipped with our latest and most sophisticated power supply (Trolley Bus), the Befaco 7U Case supplies up to 5000 mA of power. The rear panel counts with a vast array of connections to pair your system with external devices. Each connector follows the Intellijel format, making them fully compatible with Intellijel’s 1U modules. Designed with a high-quality unibody black anodised aluminum frame, the Befaco 7U case is a slim and sturdy solution to travel with. The included clear PET-G cover keeps your modules safe even patched!

• External Dimensions (without cover): 53,5 cm x 31 cm x 8 cm
• External Dimensions (with cover): 53,5 cm x 31 cm x 14 cm
• Internal Row Dimensions: 2x 3U 104 HP and 1x 1U 104 HP (Intellijel format)
• M3 threaded strip
• Power supply specifications: +12 V: 5000 mA, -12 V: 2500 mA, 5 V: 4000 mA
• Module depth: 53 mm (power supply side), 70 mm (rest of the case)
• Module slots: 36
• Weight (without cover): 2,6 kg
• Weight (with cover): 3,4 kg
• Rear connectors: 6x 6,3 mm (1/4“) jack I/O (balanced or unbalanced), MIDI DIN In/Out/Thru, USB Device Type B, Apple compatible USB-A charging ports.
• Power brick: 135 W, 2,5 mm Barrel connector center positive (included)
• Cover: PET-G Clear cover (included)
• Finish: Black anodised aluminum
• Vesa 100 format threads. Recommended Vesa stand: >12kg.
• Kensington lock
Current out +5 V [mA]: 4000
Current out +12 V [mA]: 5000
Current out -12 V [mA]: 2500
DIY Level: Medium/Advanced
Depth [mm]: 70
Material / Color: Black Alu
Max power input [W]: 135
Number of Power-Pinheader: 36
Power Input Type (pri.): 9 - 36 Vdc / Barrel (5,5/2,5)
Width [HP]: 208
Format: 3U + 3U + 1U
Manufacturer "Befaco"

Befaco is an Eurorack manufacturer that also offers DIY kits, organizes workshops and releases their designs under Creative Commons license.

In February 2010 Befaco was created as an open hardware platform focusing on professional DIY musical hardware, materializing the previous electronic, musical and artistic research of its members.

Our main activity has been developing synthesizer modules in eurorack format and making them available in workshops. All this research is published under CC-NC-SA License, so people can download the schematics, and technical assembly guides, to make their own variations of the projects for personal and educative purposes. Also build all our designs during our regular workshops in cities as Barcelona, Madrid, London or Berlin.
During the past twelve years, apart of these regular four cities, we have visited cities as Tokyo, Kyoto, Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Lyon, Stuttgart and Amsterdam, amongst many other European cities.

These workshops are a huge test playground where we can track each module being built by different worldwide users, get direct feedback and quickly improve them with, develop new ones, or adapt these instruments to users demands constantly.

Direct contact with DIY enthusiasts allows an implication of users in the structure, allowing them to design their own modules and develop them in a professional way. This has developed into an incubation environment for several new modular initiatives, allowing different makers to start their own similar projects.

Befaco initiative is possible thanks to the support of Hangar, an artistic production centre in Barcelona, Barcelona city hall and the titanic work by the whole Befaco team.

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