DIY & Synth Meetup Leipzig

Our community event for all synth and DIY enthusiasts from Leipzig and beyond.

2023 Edition

In October 2023 Exploding Shed & ZiMMT organised the first DIY & Synth Meetup, which was a full success. Over 70 participants enjoyed the workshops by Moritz Klein / Erica Synths, Error Instruments, Schneidersladen, Mazetools, Grapes and Exploding Shed. 

It was all about Synthesizers, DIY and 3D Audio which was clearly an interresting mixture. In addition to the workshops we had jam session in 3D audio on the ZiMMT system with 32 speakers - that was sick! 

Thanks for everyone who joined us! We will definitely do it again in 2024 and keep you updated right here, via Instagram our Email Newsletter.