Eurorack Rails - Double Rail Low Profile - Type A (silver) - 84 HP

Product information "Eurorack Rails - Double Rail Low Profile - Type A (silver) - 84 HP"
This is a new double rail! If you build a case with two or more rows, you can place this one in the middle and save 1 rail. Instead of 4 rails you only need 3 for a two row system.
We recommend to use them with our new side brackets 3U + 1U, which need 2 low profile rails and 1 double rail to create a resulting frame of 1x 3U + 1x 1U (Intellijel).
Rail (one piece, threaded strip not included) for building DIY Eurorack cases. 84 HP = 427mm, 104 HP = 529mm, 114 HP = 579mm, 126 HP = 640mm, 168 HP = 854mm, 196 HP = 996mm.
Type A rails feature a lid, which holds your modules in place so they cannot move up and down.
For building your case you also might need some additionals: threaded strips and M3 screws holding your modules and M5 screws for mounting the rails (we have various types of screws here). As an alternative to the M3 threaded strips you can also use M3 slide nuts.
The hole where the M5 screw sits later has no threading - an M5 screw will carve its way when you insert them. Alternatively you could use a tapping tool, but it's not really necessary.
Color: Silver
Length [HP]: 84
Profile: Low-Profile
Type: A Double

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