The latest news....

Eurorack Essentials

Eurorack Essentials from Hamburg create very beginner friendly and useful DIY kits. We have their

  • Multiple
  • Dualswitch
  • Flip-Sides

in stock now here.

New Addac DIY Kits

We have got the newest developments by Addac System in stock now. You will find them here.

Shipping to Belgium

Shipping to Belgium is now possible again! The restrictions by Bpost have been lifted.



DIY ONline Workshop

The DIY area at Superbooth is always great fun, and we can't replace it. But as part of Superbooth 20 Home Edition we do an online DIY workshop together with LeafAudio.


1) register on april 23rd april

2) get the DIY kit shipped

3) meet us online in the stream on 30th april at 7pm


We will guide you, beginners welcome!


Check the details and register here.

Robaux 3PT is back !!!

We have got more of the new 3PT DIY kits!


The Robaux 3PT is a three-channel multimode CV generator. The digital «Tripot» contains seven different modes. You can use it as a macro controller or as a modulation LFO. It works as a chord progression generator and can also be used as a quantizer with 25 scales as well as a quantizeable random generator. Last but not least it offers two sequencer modes: an 8-step sequencer that can be split into two channels and a triple Euclidean rhythm generator.


You'll get it here in the shop.

Shakmat is back

We re-stocked some Shakmat DIY Kits including their new and absolutely brilliant Gemini's Path! This is the thing many users of stereo modules have waited for.


Check out their teaser video on YouTube here.


And here you will find it in our shop.

10% Discount Extended

We extend the 10% discount until april 12. On top of your 10% we will ad 5% of the total value which you spend in the shop to organise local corona help. Hospitals, retirement homes and care services run out of face protections etc. We will team up with local helpers to DIY new supplies for them. 5% of your shop spendings go into that project.


Use the discount code CRN-2020 in the checkout.

Patching Panda

We restocked all Patching Panda DIY kits. You can find them here in the shop. The new modules are truly exciting and the panel quality is really extremely high quality and neat.

AI Synthesis in the house

We now stocked AI Synthesis modules, which have a great sound and are super for beginners. In this DivKid video you can hear some more information about their educational approach.


Find them here in the shop.

Wired Heart

We have the Tubbutec Wired Heart in the shop here. Only a few components to solder and your experimental sound journey can start. The touch interface brings lots of fun!


With the additional components you can explore the basics of chaos Oscillator circuits. Or just use a banana for sound creation ;-)

ADDAC DIY Kits in stock!

The first batch of Accac System DIY Kits arrived. More will come in early january. We'll have the full line of ADDAC DIY!


You'll find it here in the shop.

Soundbox  T-Shirts

"Is this a Theremin?" is our most answered question about the Soundbox so far, so for Superbooth 2019 we decided to wear shirts with "THIS IS NOT A FUCKING THEREMIN" on the back.


Some of you have asked about the shirts, so we made some for you. You'll find them here in the shop.

Dreadbox Antiphon

Antiphon is a really unique synth voice, featuring 8 sine oscillators and reverb tank. Here is a youtube video. We have it here in our shop.

Erica Synths

We've got the whole line of the beautiful Erica Synths DIY kits in stock now. You'll find them here.

Soundbox Review & Demo by Gaz Williams

The fabulous Gaz Williams did a super nice review/demo of our Microphonic Soundbox with the Elektron Octatrack mk2. And it's damned good!

Experimental Noise OSC

Noisefoc in stock! It's an experimetntal Oscillator for screaming noise and buzz sounds (Pan Sonic / Mika Vainio style). 2 Oscillator strings which can be controlled by potentiometers, light resistor or external CV and are mixed via 2 outs (diode/resistor mixing).


DIYI entry level, good for beginners.