The latest news....

AI Synthesis in the house

We now stocked AI Synthesis modules, which have a great sound and are super for beginners. In this DivKid video you can hear some more information about their educational approach.


Find them here in the shop.

Wired Heart

We have the Tubbutec Wired Heart in the shop here. Only a few components to solder and your experimental sound journey can start. The touch interface brings lots of fun!


With the additional components you can explore the basics of chaos Oscillator circuits. Or just use a banana for sound creation ;-)

ADDAC DIY Kits in stock!

The first batch of Accac System DIY Kits arrived. More will come in early january. We'll have the full line of ADDAC DIY!


You'll find it here in the shop.

Soundbox  T-Shirts

"Is this a Theremin?" is our most answered question about the Soundbox so far, so for Superbooth 2019 we decided to wear shirts with "THIS IS NOT A FUCKING THEREMIN" on the back.


Some of you have asked about the shirts, so we made some for you. You'll find them here in the shop.

Black Löt Days

From friday 29.11. to monday 2.12. we offer free shipping inside germany and reduced shipping costs for EU wide shipping*. Plus we have special prices for Soundbox, Robaux SWT16+ and Olitronik Micrón Synthvoice.


  • With Micrón Olitronik offers a complete synth voice including filter in only 8 HP.


This is your checkout code: BLD2019




*minimum order 40€

Dreadbox Antiphon

Antiphon is a really unique synth voice, featuring 8 sine oscillators and reverb tank. Here is a youtube video. We have it here in our shop.

Erica Synths

We've got the whole line of the beautiful Erica Synths DIY kits in stock now. You'll find them here.

Magpie Panels

Hey friends, we're happy and can say that we have the first bunch of the latest Magpie panel designs in stock! Check them ourt here in the panels section. More will follow later, if you have wishes, let us know. They look and feel really beautiful.

Antumbra Projects

We have got some more Antumbra Panel/PCB kits in stock. You'll find it in the Panel/PCB section here.

Soundbox Review & Demo by Gaz Williams

The fabulous Gaz Williams did a super nice review/demo of our Microphonic Soundbox with the Elektron Octatrack mk2. And it's damned good!

VCO-1 build video

Quincas alias Synth DIY Guy did a nice build video of our VCO-1 and EXP-1 Eurorack VCO combo. Also check out his audio demo video of it.


Thank you Quincas!

Robaux SWT16+

Welcome back Robaux to our store! The SWT16+ is a 16-track Eurorack step sequencer with up to 64 steps per track. The module makes it possible to create up to 8 different patterns which can stored in a total of 16 presets. Programmable like a classic TR machine, the SWT16 can be used not only for triggering drum sounds but also envelopes or other modulation sources. 


You'll find it here.

Befaco - Bananuts

They are here and are available as single or multi-color packs.


Bananuts areanodized alluminium custom minijack nuts, following Buchla/Serge coloring code: Blue, purple, red, orange, yellow, white, green and black. Perfect lovely thingies to pimp your modular, code your inputs and outputs with colors or just give a touch of beauty to your favorite gear!

New stuff & restocks

We've got a bunch of new entries and restocked stuff. Patching Panda Punch 2 and Hatz have arrived which are pretty awesome.


Midi Hardware Mini-CV is back and we've got more Music Thing kits.


Special offers on some Panda kits this and next week!

Superbooth Break

Next shipping date is the 14th of may. We are at Superbooth Berlin this week and cannot ship anything.


You will find us at Booth 300!


We will show some modules and new additions to the Soundbox family.

CH & NOR customers / VAT

To all CH / NOR customers or guys from within EU with a VAT ID: Our shop cannot handle that VAT thing correctly, cause it's a shit system (we'll change this year). We always did that VAT removal manually by invoice. Right now we have so much to do that all this manual work creates more delays and problems for both of us than we want. So if possible please just buy via the shop system and get back the german tax from your local tax office later the year (if possble). This will speed up your order a lot!!!


26. Januar / 12 Uhr

As we have a bigger room now, we would like to invite you to solder with us and have a nice day together. Covfefe & Kuchen for free. You can register by buying any DIY kit/kits in the shop AND ADDITIONALLY buy one workshop ticket here, as places are limited. Please select "local pickup" as payment option and your kits will wait here for you, you pay cash then.


We will send you the adress later by email then!


We are looking forward to see you!

Manu & Hagen

Experimental Noise OSC

Noisefoc in stock! It's an experimetntal Oscillator for screaming noise and buzz sounds (Pan Sonic / Mika Vainio style). 2 Oscillator strings which can be controlled by potentiometers, light resistor or external CV and are mixed via 2 outs (diode/resistor mixing).


DIYI entry level, good for beginners.

New Multicore

We have got a new multicore loom for live and studio. 6,3mm TRS to XLR for symmetrical connections. More new cables, adapters & Midi will follow soon!


Get them here.

Olitronic Circuits DIY Kits

We have got 3 of the Barcelona based dudes in stock. Micrón is an awesome synthvoice in only 8 HP including VCO, VCF, EG and Overdrive. OBF is an easy and cheap project, a very useful LFO which can be synced. Pro Out can act as your main out of the system.


Hope you like it! Get them here.

Longer Rails & M3 strips

We've got rails now also in 126HP and longer M3 strips. Until now our threaded strips consisted of 84HP + extentions. Now they are always in one single piece. Find that stuff here.

Shop re-organised / Payment options


We have re-organised and streamlined the shop a bit and we now offer credit card payment and bank transfer. 


With the new "local pickup" possibility, people will pay no shipping and can pick up their order here in Leipzig.