The latest news....

Soundbox pre-orders of assembled units are shipping now!

Clear out! Price reduction on Grayscale panels, we'll throw them out.

Shakmat Kits In Stock


Now we have Shakmat's Time Wizard (6x divider), Knight's Gallop (algorhythmic Triggers) and the awesome CV Recorder Bishop's Miscellany in stock!

Shop re-organised / Payment options


We have re-organised and streamlined the shop a bit and we now offer credit card payment and bank transfer. Paypal is still switched off until they can guarantee us, that all cash coming not from pre-sales is not longer blocked for us.


With the new "local pickup" possibility, people will pay no shipping and can pick up their order here in Leipzig.

Paypal News


Ok. We spoke to PP... our cash is completely frozen! Means: we have no cash to finance the last steps for the Soundbox production and also the shipping due to this *&%ck!n@! We will put some private money into our company now to stuff the hole to finish the project so we all are happy in the end. After shipping the PP cash will be released again. We might have a little delay now but it will work out!


So learn: if you ever do a pre-sale, even if you are 300% sure you can do his project, never use Paypal! They can easily take down your whole business.


We deactivated Paypal now temporarily in the shop, please use bank transfer for the moment. We're also working on a credit card solution.


Paypal Problems


Paypal is easy, we know. But currently Paypal is close to destroying our business. They just kept a really large amount of cash and is blocking our cashflow completely. We did a lot of Soundbox pre-orders and theoretically have more than enough cash to produce them. The Paypal risk-management has now decided that it's a funny idea to fuck up our small but solid business up and possibly ruin it. If they don't release our money soon, we will have trouble delivering our Soundboxes. Most parts are already lying here, but wood boxes are still in production and packaging and postage will cost a lot. They say they want to avoid risk, but the actually create one, a really big one. This is abuse of power! For that reason we do not offer Paypal at the moment cause all incoming money will be locked.



Hagen and me are part of the DIY and workshop scene since 8 years, we have top references. We have always been 100% reliable and gave a lot of effort for you, our costomers. Many of you know us and we know many of you eye to eye. If you are with us, we'd be happy to post your positive experiences with us on our facebook page




Microphonic Soundbox


The pre-sale is open now, you'll find it here. The first run is limited to 100 Soundboxes (50 DIY / 50 ready made) and will be shipped in early september. Let's go!


We are amazingly happy to have the Microphonic Soundbox ready for you! This is a project 100% from the heart! When our Manu (Xabec) created this instrument in 1997 he wasn't even expecting to have fun with it for 20 years. And he never ever thought of releasing it as a supercool product so many years later.


The 2013 Xabec release "Closing the Circle" features a massive usage of the original Microphonic Soundbox by the way. If you want to support an independent artist playing good Electronica and Experimental Ambient:


Please welcome Transient Modules from Barcelona to our shop. We have got their Mixer 2M and their Sequencer 8S in stock.


The 2M is a dual three channel mixer in 6 HP with volume controls over all the inputs as well as the final output.


The 8S is an 8 step sequencer in 8 HP with control over parameters of the sequence as reset, hold, random step and direction.


You'll find them here.

We have Thonkiconn connectors in stock now. Each bag of 50 with knurled nuts includes a free nut driver tool!

We're back from Superbooth and all delayed orders will now being processed and shipped. Sorry for that.


Have a look at the LeafAudio Microphonic Soundbox, which we have been presenting in Berlin! Will be available here soon.