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The shop should be functional but it will take a while to get all of the products in. All the rest will come back!  Please avoid sending messages about products for now if possible.

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Freaq FM

The Freaq FM is an 8-bit digital synthesizer for your desktop featuring dual 2-op FM voice architecture with multiple waveforms, LFO and modulation envelopes with a 16-step generative sequencer.

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During the first time we'll be extremely busy getting all the stuff into the shop. If you experience problems, please let us know. But please send us as less emails as possible, as this would slow us down, it's a really intense moment for us now.

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Neutral Labs - Elmyra 2 (Desktop)

only 6 left

CubuSynth - Engine v2

only 5 left

4ms - Sampler

sold out at the moment

Erica Synths - EDU DIY Kick Drum

only 6 left

Making Sound Machines - Farbfolder

only 5 left

Making Sound Machines - Farbshaper

only 5 left

Making Sound Machines - Farb Highpass

only 5 left

Herzlich Labs - Omen

only 11 left

Hex Haus - HEX lag

only 5 left

Hex Haus - HEX cor

only 5 left


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DIY & Synth Meetup

Nerds welcome! Synths, pizza & beer. Highly interesting workshops by Schneidersladen, Moritz Klein / Erica Synths, Error Instruments and more! Website online after Sept 20th.

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We are based in Leipzig, germany and ship EU-wide by DHL. We mostly distribute DIY kits and suppplies, Eurorack rails, components, cables and a few boutique non-DIY units.

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Synthesizer DIY Made Easy with Exploding Shed

As a music enthusiast, you might be familiar with synthesizers. They can be used to produce various sounds to create unique beats and melodies. Even though there are many ready-to-use synthesizers available, some music fans prefer to build their own. And this is where we come in!

Exploding Shed is a synthesizer DIY shop that provides a wide range of DIY kits, cables, cases, panels, PCBs, standalone boutique units and many more tools to build your own synthesizer. Our high-quality products and excellent customer service complete the outstanding shop experience. Take a look at our variety of DIY kits and modules from well-known manufacturers such as Befaco, LeafAudio, and many more. 

See for yourself how easy synthesizer DIY can be with Exploding Shed!

High Quality Synthesizer DIY: Create Your Own Unique Sound

No matter if you're a beginner or an experienced builder, Exploding Shed has the right equipment for you. Our DIY kits allow you to start your own synthesizer DIY project, or you can expand an existing synthesizer thanks to individual parts and accessories to take it to the next level and to amplify its capabilities. We offer a range of modules, such as oscillators, filters, sequencers and many more electronic and mechanical parts, that you can mix and match to create your own unique synthesizer.

One of the core values of Exploding Shed is the commitment to quality. Every item of our inventory is tested and verified by experienced builders to ensure that it meets our high standards. We only use high-quality components and materials to guarantee that the synthesizers will produce excellent sound quality and remain durable over an extended period of time for your personal synthesizer DIY project.

Join the Synthesizer DIY Community

In addition to our products, Exploding Shed has a thriving community of synthesizer DIY enthusiasts. We offer online workshops for beginners that cover the necessary techniques and skills to build your own synthesizer. The team behind Exploding Shed is always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you might have. If you have trouble finding the right article for your synthesizer DIY project, we are always happy to guide you.

Discover Synthesizer DIY at Exploding Shed

Whether you are already into synthesizer DIY or want to start building your own synthesizers, Exploding Shed is the perfect place to visit. High-quality products, excellent customer care, and hands-on workshops make us the top choice for synthesizer DIY enthusiasts. Make sure to check out our sales section with many discounted products. We offer fast and reliable shipping within Germany and the European Union, so you can start building your own synthesizer as soon as possible. So why wait? 
Visit Exploding Shed today and turn your synthesizer dreams into reality!