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UK, CH & NOR Customers - Please read

Yes, we know our shop system is fucking shit and we are working on a new one now. The current one, for example, cannot deduct the VAT automatically when you buy from NOR or CH. It was a good shop system for the beginning but we have outgrown now. A solution is on the horizon now.


NOR & CH customers: Please order by email and not via the shop system!


UK customers: Due to a completely unclear tax and customs situation between EU and UK we stopped shipping to UK for the moment. We will start again as soon as the situation is clear to us and we have implemented a proper solution. But this won't go fast.


EU customers with valid VAT-ID: Please order by email and not via the shop system! We will create a VAT-free invoice for you, the shop is not able to do that.


Greetings, your Exploding Shed team.

News & New Entries

NEW News

• New DIY kits by ADDAC + general re-stock has arived.

• Molten Modular's new Motion MTR as DIY is back here.

• Allen Synthesis EuroPi is back.

• Ginko Synthese is re-stocked.

• Befaco's USB-C Power solution ChikiPower is available.

• LeafAudio's new 2HP passive modules are out. ATT, MLT and FPF are cheap and simple helpers for your modular. 17,90€ each.

• MS-20 VCF by Bumm Bumm Garage is launched.

• TubeOhm's Jeannie is in stock. Check the video on the right! Super good polyphonic DIY synth.

• Shakmat Mod Medusa is now here.

• Befaco Pony Through-Zero & Wavefolding VCO is here.

• LeafAudio Eurorack to BNC Probe available now!

Transistorkreis Random is in stock! Available as 3U & 5U.

Knapplåda DIY case is ready! 104hp all inclusive: 185€



• Robaux LL8 is back in stock.

• Befaco & Rebel made an USB Audio Interface.

• Dannysound modules have arrived! Get them here.

• Neutral Labs Scrat (user customizable Steiner-Parker VCF).

• DivKid Stereo Strip (non-DIY) is here.

4ms DIY kits and POD cases are back in stock.

• Ginko Synthese Magma Compressor is out now!

Erica vs. Moritz Klein DIY EDU Kits in stock

• LA67 modules are in our shop now!

• Robaux 3PT and LL8 are back in stock.

• MiniCV 2 Midi to Gate/CV interface is out! Here it is.

• 2 units available: TubeOhm's polyphonic Synth "Jeannie" is here.

• New DIY kits by Making Sound Machines are here now.

• Neutral Labs have a new Waveshaper out called Meg!

• Clatters Machines' Garden Listener arrived!


• Creep Cluster Drone Synth (Reverse Landfill) is here.

• Zlob Modular restocked. Get it here.

• Befaco's Noise Plethora is released and we got new Tote Bags!

• Extralife Super Sixteen sequencer is here.

Retrokits RK-006 Portable USB MIDI/Gate Hub is here!

• Alps stereo pots came in.

• Dailywell miniature switches came in.

• Transient Modules restock is here.

• Music Thing Modular back in stock incl. Mini Drive!

• Contact Microphone Cables are back in stock. Get it here.

• Robaux LL8 and 3PT are back.

• We have PCB stencils for various SMD projects now here.

• AtoVproject 16n controller available in black and grey now.

• Shakmat Dual Dagger Stereo VCF (HP/LP) is here.