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4ms is here!

We now have the whole range of 4ms DIY kits in stock here, as well as their famous Pods and also black alternative panels for modules like SWN.


DIY kits can be accessed via the DIY overview.

Pods can be found in our new Eurorack Cases section.

Panels are in the already existing Panel section.

Shipping restrictions Due To Covid Situation

Curretly there are shipping restrictions in some countries again and they might change from day to day. If you are not sure how big your package might be and if restrictions could affect your order, feel free to write us an email before your order.


Here we will announce the current issues and try to keep it up to date! You can also check yourself here before you order

(scroll down to "international mail and parcel services > Europe").


All packages including Rails are >60cm!

Soundbox packages are >60cm!


Latest Update: 20.01.2021


If you really want to order something and are willing to pay more, we can do it via DHL Express. Write us before you order!

Transient Joystick

The 7J is a compact joystick controller module. For each axis the joystick can work as an attenuator or attenuverter, selectable via unipolar or bipolar mode switches. The inputs (normalled to +5V) have dedicated attenuators and both X and Y outputs are equipped with continuously variable offset control (-5 to +5V) for fine-tuning the voltage ranges independently. The 7J also has a manual gate generator on board. The joystick itself is without an auto-return to centre spring, perfect for hands-on expression and playful interaction.


• 8 HP wide

• 38 mm deep

• Price: 119€


Find it here in the shop.


Our Tool-Set is back in stock

Our tool-set for the most common four nut types in Eurorack world is back in stock. Find it here in the shop.

16n AtoVproject Rework

The 16n AtoVproject Rework is a controller sending CV, I2C, MIDI jack, USB MIDI (compatible PC, Mac, iPad etc...), making it the absolute ultimate controller for any of your hardware and software all in one!  

Even better this controller can either can either be used as a Eurorack module or as a standalone unit using the beautiful aluminum enclosure.


It is available as a DIY project in our shop here.

Win Stuff!

We teamed up with Gearnews, Bonedo, Befaco, Shakmat Modular, Patching Panda, LeafAudio and Northcoast Synthesis to give you the chance to win DIY kits with a total value of 847€! Thanks to all of the mentioned, who made it possible.


You can win stuff in three different raffles. Click on the links and comment to take part.

Last but not least: Subscribe to our newsletter and get 5€ extra for your next order*


Good luck, friends!!!


*min. order 120€, valid until 16.11.2020

Weather Drones

Eowave's Weather Drones is an all in one drone voice for eurorack modular. The Weather Drones can be self patched, or used with other eurorack modules via CV and trig inputs. Check out this video. The architecture of the module is as follows, some of which is pre-patched:


• Digital tri wave oscillator, controls are freq, spread (adds more triangle waveforms, up to 8), character (wave folder), fm in with attenuator

• LFO with square and tri wave out

• Filter with cutoff and feedback, mod input with attenuator and second mod input without

• AD envelope with level attenuator

• Random sample and hold noise (driven by square wave LFO) with slew



Price: 125€

Find it here in the shop.

Frequency Central

As it was a difficult year, it took us ages to finish some Frequency Central full kits. But now we started and will do one kit after another and soon order more panel/pcbs and parts.


You will find them here in our shop.

Zlob is back!

We have stocked all Zlob modules as full kits and Panel/PCB option plus their blank panels. Hope you like it!


You can find it here.

Addac Dual Filter (Stereo)

The Addac System Dual Filter has arrived! Hipass, Bandpass and Lowpass in one module.


You can use it as stereo or 2x mono. To make it more versatile they added a switch to set the working mode from Stereo to Dual Mono where both filters can be used independently and Cutoff can be linked.


You can find it here in the shop.

Robaux LL8 & SWT16+ back!

SWT16+ and LL8 are back in stock!


The LL8 is a tiny eight-track trigger sequencer for your eurorack.
The little brother of the Sweet 16 got some skills!

Program your patterns like on a classic TR machine. Record patterns with your fingertips. Create random patterns at the touch of a button.

Turn your patterns into exciting performances with the mute and fill function.


We have the LL8 in the shop here.

Welcome ST Modular!

We are official distributor of ST Modular projects now. As this are many modules, we will start with one batch after another and add all of them over time.


This are panel/pcb kits and you have to source your own SMT parts. These modules are intended for experienced DIYers, as soldering SMT is a bit challeging.


You will find them here in the shop!

Middle Path VCO

North Coast Synthesis has released its high-end VCO Middle Path. A complex, dual triangle-core VCO. Both channels can run independently. But the Middle Path's oscillators can also be used together, with or without sync, to drive its unique multi-output Gilbert-style sine shaper. The shaper, which can also take external input, offers wave shaping, distortion, folding, phase modulation including through-zero, and imitation stereo. These effects take the sound into West Coast territory.


It's here in the shop.

Solder Wire

To offer you a nice DIY experience, we will expand the line of tested and recommended DIY tools now. We tested dozens of solder wires for you during the last year and this was the best we could currently find. It is lead-free of course but smooth like in good old times. Low flux spitting, works smooth on many surfaces like PCBs, connectors etc. We highly recommend this shit!


We offer it in rolls of 100g with a diameter of 0,7mm.


You'll find it here.

Elmyra DIY Drone Synth

This is a full DIY kit for the Elmyra, available with white & black panel. Elmyra is a Drone-Synth, a platform for sonic exploration inspired by the widely beloved Lyra-8. Elmyra is based on the Adafruit ItsyBitsy M0 Express microcontroller. Its 10-bit audio resolution already gives it a wonderfully gritty sound, and this circuit adds some nasty analog distortion to it. In this video you can check what it sounds like.


• 3 Voices

• Filter

• Delay

• Distortion

• Runs on 5V/USB powerby phone charger, laptop or power bank


Find it HERE in the shop...

Befaco is back

We ordered a big load of Befaco stuff and many have been waiting. Now everything has landed and is online, except Lunch Bus kits.


To celebrate that, we spontaneously thought to offer a little discount. Use "5€-OFF" in the checkout to grab it. Minimum order is 69€ and it will work until friday the 13th.


Have a good week!

New Addac DIY Kits

We have got the newest developments by Addac System in stock now. You will find them here.

DIY ONline Workshop

The DIY area at Superbooth is always great fun, and we can't replace it. But as part of Superbooth 20 Home Edition we do an online DIY workshop together with LeafAudio.


1) register on april 23rd april

2) get the DIY kit shipped

3) meet us online in the stream on 30th april at 7pm


We will guide you, beginners welcome!


Check the details and register here.

Robaux 3PT is back !!!

We have got more of the new 3PT DIY kits!


The Robaux 3PT is a three-channel multimode CV generator. The digital «Tripot» contains seven different modes. You can use it as a macro controller or as a modulation LFO. It works as a chord progression generator and can also be used as a quantizer with 25 scales as well as a quantizeable random generator. Last but not least it offers two sequencer modes: an 8-step sequencer that can be split into two channels and a triple Euclidean rhythm generator.


You'll get it here in the shop.

Shakmat is back

We re-stocked some Shakmat DIY Kits including their new and absolutely brilliant Gemini's Path! This is the thing many users of stereo modules have waited for.


Check out their teaser video on YouTube here.


And here you will find it in our shop.

Patching Panda

We restocked all Patching Panda DIY kits. You can find them here in the shop. The new modules are truly exciting and the panel quality is really extremely high quality and neat.

AI Synthesis in the house

We now stocked AI Synthesis modules, which have a great sound and are super for beginners. In this DivKid video you can hear some more information about their educational approach.


Find them here in the shop.

Wired Heart

We have the Tubbutec Wired Heart in the shop here. Only a few components to solder and your experimental sound journey can start. The touch interface brings lots of fun!


With the additional components you can explore the basics of chaos Oscillator circuits. Or just use a banana for sound creation ;-)

ADDAC DIY Kits in stock!

The first batch of Accac System DIY Kits arrived. More will come in early january. We'll have the full line of ADDAC DIY!


You'll find it here in the shop.

Soundbox  T-Shirts

"Is this a Theremin?" is our most answered question about the Soundbox so far, so for Superbooth 2019 we decided to wear shirts with "THIS IS NOT A FUCKING THEREMIN" on the back.


Some of you have asked about the shirts, so we made some for you. You'll find them here in the shop.

Erica Synths

We've got the whole line of the beautiful Erica Synths DIY kits in stock now. You'll find them here.

Soundbox Review & Demo by Gaz Williams

The fabulous Gaz Williams did a super nice review/demo of our Microphonic Soundbox with the Elektron Octatrack mk2. And it's damned good!

Experimental Noise OSC

Noisefoc in stock! It's an experimetntal Oscillator for screaming noise and buzz sounds (Pan Sonic / Mika Vainio style). 2 Oscillator strings which can be controlled by potentiometers, light resistor or external CV and are mixed via 2 outs (diode/resistor mixing).


DIYI entry level, good for beginners.