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Tax free shopping

Yes, we know our shop system is fucking shit and we will change as soon as possible. For example it cannot deduct the tax automatically when you buy from UK, NOR, CH. It sucks!


If you buy from UK, NOR, CH or you are in the EU but outside germany and have a valid VAT ID#, feel free to send us your order by email and we will create a Tax-free invoice. Saves time until we updated the shop system.


PS: We are currently re-structuring the shop system so it is easier for you to find the items you look for. It will make sense to check the overview unter the shop catalogue tab, new points will appear soon.


Greetings, your Exploding Shed team.

New Entries

New shirts and limited luxury notebooks

Floating Ring cables for sending CV via DC-couples Interfaces

TouellSkouarn DIY Kits

4ms DIY Kits & Pod enclusures

Music Thing Spring Reverb mk2 incl. Spring-Tanks

• The beautiful Materia panels can be found here.

• ADDAC has lower prices now for almost all modules!

Alfa Rpar Synth ICs available now. Various packages, THT & SMT. These are widely used in many DIY projects.

Nut Tool Set & Soundbox available now in the USA via Control Voltage!

Threetom MS-22 Dual VCF has arrived!

Reverse Landfill came in again.

Shipping restrictions Due To Covid Situation

Curretly there are shipping restrictions in some countries again and they might change from day to day. If you are not sure how big your package might be and if restrictions could affect your order, feel free to write us an email before your order.


Here we will announce the current issues and try to keep it up to date! You can also check yourself here before you order

(scroll down to "international mail and parcel services > Europe").


Latest Update: 11.02.2021

  • DHL announced official delays caused by snowy weather!

If you are willing to pay more, we can also ship by DHL Express. Write us before you order!

Soundbox  T-Shirts

"Is this a Theremin?" is our most answered question about the Soundbox so far, so for Superbooth 2019 we decided to wear shirts with "THIS IS NOT A FUCKING THEREMIN" on the back.


Some of you have asked about the shirts, so we made some for you. You'll find them here in the shop.