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New Entries July 2021

• Shakmat Dual Dagger Stereo VCF (HP/LP) is here.

• Materia Beads & Pams Workout alterantive panels are here!

• TubeOhm VCF "SMR4P" is back here.

• Patching Panda CV Looper "Ephemere" is here

• General Patching Panda full restock!

Soma Lab Lyra-8 Panel/PCBs are here.

• Neutral Labs released their Nermal distorion. It's here.

• Joranalogue Test 3 is back in stock.

• A guide to Modular Worlds book

• We start with ST Modular SMD Pre-Soldered modules now!!!

• Many Frequency Central full kits in stock now.

• The new Rebel Tech modules have arrived!

• The new Befaco Morphader is here!


Tax free shopping

Yes, we know our shop system is fucking shit and we will change as soon as possible. For example it cannot deduct the tax automatically when you buy from UK, NOR, CH. It sucks!


If you buy from UK, NOR, CH or you are in the EU but outside germany and have a valid VAT ID#, feel free to send us your order by email and we will create a Tax-free invoice. Saves time until we updated the shop system.


PS: We are currently re-structuring the shop system so it is easier for you to find the items you look for. It will make sense to check the overview unter the shop catalogue tab, new points will appear soon.


Greetings, your Exploding Shed team.

Soundbox  T-Shirts

"Is this a Theremin?" is our most answered question about the Soundbox so far, so for Superbooth 2019 we decided to wear shirts with "THIS IS NOT A FUCKING THEREMIN" on the back.


Some of you have asked about the shirts, so we made some for you. You'll find them here in the shop.