Our Team

In early 2016 we opened our store after doing DIY workshops as LeafAudio for a number of years. We had the idea to create a cool shop for the EU-wide DIY community and started out with only ideas, 15 soldering irons and an electric drill. But here we are now with a team, a new shop system and own products that are distributed wordwide. But still it's work in progress and we develop our idea further together with you, our customers. We hope, you like this place here.

Greetings, Manu & Hagen

Hagen Haacker

CEO, Developer

Hagen is a professional engineer and developer. He thinks in 0 and 1, volts and ampere. He likes building weird stuff since his childhood and relaxation means reading data sheets in the bath tub. Hagen is the technical brain behind Exploding Shed. He's a real pro with computers and stuff and automates everything he can find. Hagen likes 3D printers a lot and has a collection of electric machines and apparats you never heard of.

Manuel Richter

CEO, Creative Director

Manuel is a live and studio musician and sound engineer, heavily influenced by early/mid eighties synthesizer sounds (or basically any damn synth sound on the planet). By the late 90ties he had his first Doepfer Modular and went into experimental music. At this time he also came up with the original idea for what would later become the Microphonic Soundbox. Since '97 Manu is working on his long-term project Xabec and produces Ger√§uschmusik, Electronica, and meanwhile mostly Ambient and Drone. By end of the 2000s Manu got into DIY, met Hagen and the rest is history. Manu is the creator of LeafAudio, what was his studio for many years, later also a DIY workshop series which was popular in germany during the 2000s and finally now best known as a musical instrument brand.

Aleta Welling

Production, Shipping

Aleta is an American who has been living in Leipzig since 2016. While with one foot in the US, she has spent half of her life in Germany. She has been working with us since very early on, mainly building Microphonic Soundboxes and she is also doing most of the shipping for the webstore. On the side, she is a freelance artist, painting abstract and surreal art. Her art has been featured in galleries worldwide, album covers and she occasionally does commission work too. Her work can be seen on her website.