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Product information "LeafAudio - Geophone S"

Geophones are omnidirectional seismic sensors to capture low-frequent vibrations. Besides detecting seismic activity, Geophones are used to capture extreme low-end for sound design, music production, field recording, foley and game sound.

We offer two versions to meet your budget and your needs: Geophone S and Geophone L. Both come in a protective hard case, equipped with a magnet, steel spike, clamp and suction cup.

We offer an add-on pack for both versions - it includes a variable clamp that allows the angle to be continuously adjusted to optimize their sound performance, a special woodscrew and an adapter from M4 to 1/4" universal camera mount.

Geophone L has an extended frequency range and sensitivity over Geophone S.

* Due to the nature of Geophones it might be possible that it picks up electromagnetic fields and interferences in some areas. Please note that the Geophone itself, and also the included magnets might have unwanted effects on credit cards, hard disks, ICDs and other devices that work on the basis of electromagnetism!

PRE-ORDER: During Superbooth we will launch a special 15% discount for pre-orders. Production is running now and the final units will be shipped in early to mid july. All orders including these items will be delayed until the Geophoes finally ship! The discount will automatically be applied during checkout.

Expoding Shed is only shipping to EU, UK, CH & NOR! For other countries, please check one of LeafAudio's retailers in july:

Schneidersladen (EU)
Musikhaus Korn (EU)
Sound Of You (EU)
Thomann (EU)
KMR Audio (UK)
House Of Sound (CH)
Control Voltage (USA)
Perfect Circuit (USA)
Noisebug (USA)
Analogue Haven (USA)
Digilog (Taiwan)

• Height / width: 66 x 38 mm
• Weight: 210 g (Geophone S with cable & XLR)
• Weight: 410 g (incl. case and included add-ons)
• Case
• 2,0 m cable with balanced XLR
• Frequency range: 28 Hz - 1000+ Hz
• Impedance: 1850 Ohm
• Distortion: 0,2
• Sensitivity: 28 V/m/s
Depth [mm]: 38
Height [mm]: 66
Material / Color: Black PA 12
Width [mm]: 38
Manufacturer "LeafAudio"
LeafAudio is the brand of Manuel Richter. He is a trained drummer & audio engineer, studio- and live-musician, was interested in electronic and experimental sounds since his childhood. He made releases and lots of live appearances as Xabec. He toured with Haujobb and others, was producer & songwriter for Anne Clark. LeafAudio started as Manuel's studio in 2008, he made lots of mixings and masterings but quickly ended up doing one of the most well known DIY workshop series in Germany by the mid 2010s. Meanwhile LeafAudio is most well known for their Microphonic Soundboxes and other sound design instruments which became super popular worldwide. Most of the production is still made by hand in Leipzig, Germany.

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