Sinusoda - Empty Can (Unsassembled, Black)

Product information "Sinusoda - Empty Can (Unsassembled, Black)"
Sinusoda - Empty Can (3U, 52 HP) - Black (unassembled)

Empty Can is Sinusoda’s 3U 52 HP case without power supply. Comes in parts and ready for self-assembly. Additional vertical and horizontal connectors of the casing system included. It’s a starting point for a truly modular case for modular synths.

Side blinds can be cut into blank panels revealing more space - additional 4 hp from the top on both sides, and up to 14 hp from the sideway mount.

For more information on the Sinusoda modular casing system visit the Sinusoda Website.

Dimensions: 325 x 130 x 85 mm

Case depth: 70 mm without powerboard, and 56 mm with powerboard

Weight: 0,72 kg
DIY Level: Easy
Depth [mm]: 70
Material / Color: Black Plastic
Width [HP]: 52
Format: 3U
Manufacturer "Sinusoda"
The case that changes with you. A revolutionary modular case for your Eurorack system. Expand it to any size you wish - case segments can be added on either side and on the top and bottom. Build a case that fits your needs!

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