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Product information "Sinusoda - Juice & Straw"
Juice Powerboard is Sinusoda’s Ultra Low Noise power supply solution offering up to +12V: 3A / -12V: 1.5A / +5V: 2A of clean power for your synths. Several Juices can be connected together in series for more power - 2 Juices can be powered from one 96 W Brick, and 4 Juices with 200 W Brick.

Every output is actively filtered giving your modules really clean power. There are also various protective measures so that even if something unexpected happens your precious modules should be safe. Precise information and full technical data sheet available at

No power brick included - you will need to buy power brick separately.

Juice: 226 x 86 x 19 mm
Straw: 3U, 3 HP, 22 mm Depth
Current out +5 V [mA]: 2000
Current out +12 V [mA]: 3000
Current out -12 V [mA]: 1500
Depth [mm]: 22
Height [mm]: N/A
Max power input [W]: 96
Number of Power-Pinheader: 23
Power Input Type (pri.): 19 - 25 Vdc / Barrel (5,5/2,5)
Width [HP]: 3
Format: 3U
Panel / Color: Black FR4
Manufacturer "Sinusoda"
The case that changes with you. A revolutionary modular case for your Eurorack system. Expand it to any size you wish - case segments can be added on either side and on the top and bottom. Build a case that fits your needs!

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