Sinusoda - Two Pack Slim Can (Unsassembled, Black)

Product information "Sinusoda - Two Pack Slim Can (Unsassembled, Black)"
Sinusoda - Two Pack Slim Can (1U, 104 HP) - Black (unassembled)

The Two Pack Slim is Sinusoda’s 1U 104 HP expansion that can be mounted together with Four Pack. It’s made to fit Intellijel format 1U modules. Comes in parts and ready for self-assembly. Vertical connectors included for easy expansion.

You can connect any amount of Sinusoda’s Empty Cans or Slim Cans to add more HP to this case.

Dimensions: 592 x 46 x 85 mm

Depth: 70 mm

Weight: 0,552 kg (no power brick included)
DIY Level: Easy
Depth [mm]: 70
Material / Color: Black Plastic
Width [HP]: 104
Format: 1U
Manufacturer "Sinusoda"
The case that changes with you. A revolutionary modular case for your Eurorack system. Expand it to any size you wish - case segments can be added on either side and on the top and bottom. Build a case that fits your needs!

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