Alfa Rpar - AS2180DE - Pre-trimmed Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA)

Product information "Alfa Rpar - AS2180DE - Pre-trimmed Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA)"
AS2180 voltage controlled amplifier (VCA) is a high performance current-in/current-out device with two opposing-polarity, voltage-sensitive control ports which offer wide-range exponential control of gain and attenuation with low signal distortion. AS2180 is trimmed at wafer stage for low THD and control-voltage feedthrough without further adjustment. Exposed pad has slight internal electrical contact with V- (pin 5).

• wide dynamic range > 120 dB
• wide exponential gain range > 130 dB
• low distortion < 0.01 %

• Industrial control
• Music devices
• Filters, etc.
Basic Function: VCA
IC Package: SOIC-8 (SMT)
Pin Count: 8
Pin Pitch [mm]: 1,27
Technology: SMT

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