Alfa Rpar - AS2M1 - Tact switch (toggle) controller, SPDT analog switch

Product information "Alfa Rpar - AS2M1 - Tact switch (toggle) controller, SPDT analog switch"
The AS2M1 is a tact switch controller with anti-bounce block, which “converts” tact switch into toggle switch and controls SPDT analog switch with (LED) indication on digital output status of toggle switch.
During Power-On NС input is connected to COM and OUT is switched to +Vсс. If “high-current”-signal is applied to SW, after anti-bounce delay (approximately 80 ms) , internal trigger change it’s status and switching SPDT switch and Out.
Inputs SW and R are current inputs. If current flowing out from SW or R is less than 100 uA, then input level is high. If external circuit sources from those inputs more than 100 uA, then input level is low.
Transition from high level to low level leads to change of status of internal trigger (after anti-bounce delay).
Low level on Reset input resets internal trigger to initial state. During low level on Reset input controller don’t response on SW input.

• Anti-bounce > 80 ms (typ)
• Flexible control
• High-voltage +/-12V
• Analog switch

• Industrial control
• Music devices
Basic Function: SPDT
IC Package: SOIC-8 (SMT)
Pin Count: 8
Pin Pitch [mm]: 1,27
Technology: SMT

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