Alfa Rpar - AS3364 - Quad Voltage Linearly Controlled Amplifier (VCA)

Product information "Alfa Rpar - AS3364 - Quad Voltage Linearly Controlled Amplifier (VCA)"
The AS3364 is a quad general purpose voltage linearly controlled VCA intended for such applications as voltage controlled amplifiers, filters, and waveform generators. Each VCA independently provides linear control scaling over greater than a 100 dB range. Complete with virtual ground summing inputs, wide voltage compliance current outputs, and control inputs referenced to ground, the AS3364 requires exceptionally few external components and is extremely easy to use.
Because of its inherent ultra-low control feedthrough, no trimming is required. Added to these features are exceptionally low noise, wide bandwidth, and operation down to ± 3 volts, making the AS3364 a real cost saver in most applications requiring variable transconductance amplifiers.
AS3364 pinout allows simple replacement of AS2164 (adding just one capacitor to Vref) witch simplify circuit design with linear control.

• “Linear replacement” – “pin compatible” to AS2164
• Exceptionally low control feedthrough without trimming: 10mV maximum out of 10 V.P.P. output
• Low noise: -110 dB typical
• Summing node signal Inputs
• Current outputs capable of swinging to within 1,5V of each supply
• Control voltages referenced to ground
• Wide supply range: ±3 to ±12V or +15, - 3 to - 9 V

• for electronic music
Basic Function: VCA (4x)
IC Package: PDIP-16 (THT)
Pin Count: 16
Pin Pitch [mm]: 2,54
Technology: THT

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