Alfa Rpar - AS3381D - Dual Low Noise Voltage Controlled Amplifier(VCA)

Product information "Alfa Rpar - AS3381D - Dual Low Noise Voltage Controlled Amplifier(VCA)"
AS3381 is a dual low noise voltage controlled amplifier, with linear scale, intended for applications requiring high audio performance in a small space. AS3381 contains two gain cells with extremely low noise for signal-to-noise ratio better than 100 dB, low distortion with less than 0.3% THD, and low control feedthrough for "pop" free performance when gain modulated.
AS3381 is also extremely easy to use, requiring few external components and no external trimming to meet their excellent performance. The signal inputs are summing node inputs for convenient signal mixing; and the control voltage inputs, covering over 100dB with a 5 volt nominal range, are referenced to ground when the outputs feed virtual ground summing nodes. The current mode outputs offer additional flexibility, allowing AS3381 to be used in high performance VC filters and waveform generators as well as amplifiers.

• two high performance VCAs
• extremely low noise: > 100dB S/N ratio
• low distortion: <0.3% THD
• low feedthrough: <0.3% of full scale output

• voltage controlled stereo levels
• programmable mixers
• high performance AGC, compandors and limiters
• voltage programmable filters and oscillators
• for electronic music
Basic Function: VCA (2x)
IC Package: SOIC-8 (SMT)
Pin Count: 8
Pin Pitch [mm]: 1,27
Technology: SMT

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