Alfa Rpar - AS3394E - µP Controllabel Synthesizer Voice

Product information "Alfa Rpar - AS3394E - µP Controllabel Synthesizer Voice"
The AS3394E is a complete analog music synthesizer voice-on-a-chip intended for software control by a microprocessor system. Included inside the compact 24 pin package is fully temperature compensated, wide range, voltage controlled oscillator providing sub-oscillator, triangle, saw-tooth, and pulse waveforms; a voltage controlled mixer for adjusting the balance between the internally generated VCO waveforms and any external signal; a dedicated four-pole low-pass voltage controlled filter with voltage controlled resonance; a modulation amount VCA for modulating the filter frequency by the triangle waveform output of the VCO; and a final VCA for allowing the output to be enveloped. Envelope control for both the VCF and final VCA may be provided by either a hardware envelope generator such as the AS3310 or through software.
All eight control inputs are provided with internal very high input impedance, low bias current buffers. Thus interface to a microprocessor system may be accomplished simply with a single DAC, 4051-type CMOS multiplexer, and 8 hold capacitors.
Requiring a bare minimum of other external components, the AS3394E is ideal for low cost polyphonic or polytimbric musical instruments featuring rich, analog sound.
AS3394EA is an improved version of AS3394E.

• Complete synthesizer Voice on a Chip
• Sample & Hold buffers on-chip for easy interface to a μP
• Fully temperature compensated VCO
• Independently selectable VCO waveforms
• Sub-oscillator output
• Separate saw-tooth output
• Separate VCO and filter sections allowing design flexibility
• Constant Loudness vs Resonance VCF
• Rich Sounding VCF Design
• Filter FM routing for more Timbres
• Low Noise, Low Feedthrough VCA
Basic Function: µP-Voice
IC Package: PDIP-24 (THT)
Pin Count: 24
Pin Pitch [mm]: 2,54
Technology: THT

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