Knurled Nut Tool Pro

Product information "Knurled Nut Tool Pro"
This is a pro-version of our tool for the M6 knurled and smooth slotted nuts for Thonkiconn and similar audio connectors used in Eurorack. The vinyl tool body comes with a 4 mm hex bit, which you can use with most standard handles available from hardware stores. Compared to the original tool from our 4x Nut Tool Set this makes the assembly much easier when you have to assemble many nuts in a row. It's a good investment for small maker brands and professional DIYers.

The tool is made for hand-operation, not for machines like electric drills or electrical screwdrivers, as this might damage the tool or steel pins.

It comes equipped with 2 inserted hardened steel pins plus 6 replacement pins. The tool features 6 holes in total, means 2 alternative pin positions. If pins break after time, you pull them out with a small precision pliers and replace them with new pins using the other holes.

The tool works for PCB panels and also thicker aluminum panels. The handle is not part of the product and has to be purchased separately.

• For knurled and smooth nuts
• Works with M6 nuts (Thonkiconn...)
• Feat. 4mm hex bit for standard handles
• Replacable hardened steel pins
• Incl. 6 replacement pins
• 2 alternative pin positions for maximum lifetime
Manufacturer "Exploding Shed"

We are enthusiastic nerds from Leipzig who are dedicated to synthesizers and DIY of any kind. We're passionate about developing, producing and distributing products that we ourselves are convinced of. We love to work out clever solutions for challenging problems. In our team, everyone has their own strengths that they contribute to the collective result. And we do this with genuine commitment.

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