Slimline Patch Cable (5 pcs)

Product information "Slimline Patch Cable (5 pcs)"
Sexy slimline patch-cables made of very flexible TPE material with a nice soft and rubbery feel. They are specially made for us. The connectors are extremely slim, what's good when you use very densely packed modules. Simplicity rules: this series is monochromatic black & white, as we wanted to make it look clean but organized when mixed on your system.

It's also available in 200 cm length as an adapter version from 3,5 mm (1/8") to 6,3 mm (1/4") as a separate item.

Available in 6 lengths in packs of 5 pieces each:
• 7 cm (white)
• 15 cm (black)
• 30 cm (white)
• 45 cm (black)
• 60 cm (white)
Connector 1: Jack 3,5 mm TS
Connector 2: Jack 3,5 mm TS
Length [cm]: 30
Material / Color: White
Manufacturer "Exploding Shed"

We are enthusiastic nerds from Leipzig who are dedicated to synthesizers and DIY of any kind. We're passionate about developing, producing and distributing products that we ourselves are convinced of. We love to work out clever solutions for challenging problems. In our team, everyone has their own strengths that they contribute to the collective result. And we do this with genuine commitment.

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November 30, 2023 09:53

Everything Good

I've bought the 7 cm slimline cables and like the description says, they are perfect for densely packed modules. The simple color and design fits very well for my use.