Thonkiconn Stereo WQP419GR (1 pc)

Product information "Thonkiconn Stereo WQP419GR (1 pc)"
Stereo version of Thonkiconn, the standard audio connector in Eurorack. 3,5 mm stereo connector without switching function for PCB mounting. Dimensions: effective total body height 10 mm, threading 4,5 mm, needs a 6 mm hole in the panel. The stereo version is 1 mm wider than the mono version. The older version was named PJ366ST. The new version is called WQP419GR. Another difference is that the older ones had a semi-round tab (the part between body and threading, where the front panel will sit on) and the new ones have a rectangle tab, but the height is completely the same. Footprint and dimensions are the same. Don’t forget to buy nuts separately, they are not included!
Connector 1: Jack 3,5 mm TRS
Material / Color: Green
Manufacturer "Qingpu Electronics"
QingPu is the original manufacturer of the Thonkiconn connectors and many other ones. We import them directly from the source.

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