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Berlin School is based around the classic CD4017 Johnson counter chip, under the control of a 16F1765 PIC which provides a few novel features.
So what can Berlin School do? Well, it’s lots of fun, and far more fully featured than any old Baby 8, courtesy of being under PIC control. For example:
you can externally control the length of each individual step via the DIV.CV input socket, by using another CV source, such as another Berlin School, an LFO, or even
a sample and hold module – so any step can last for any clock length from 1 through to 8.
You can externally control transposition of Berlin School via the TRANS.CV input socket, by using an external controller, such as another Berlin School (running at a slower speed), a 1V/oct keyboard (love this!), of any other CV source such as Little Melody for example.
You can also do both of the above manually by using the DIV knob and the TRANSPOSE knob.
Live tweaking of note information for each step in real time, secure in the knowledge that everything is accurately quantised.

Berlin School has a 5 octave range (0V to 5V). A fun little feature is that if you’re running a sequence and then transpose it, any notes which end up being
transposed above 5V are transposed down by one octave (rather than ‘clipping’ against the 5V ceiling), thus preserving the melody!

All told, it’s hands on, tweakable, and lends itself perfectly to on-the-fly live use courtesy of the variations that are available from the use of the onboard
divider, transposition features and quantiser.

Berlin School is perfectly partnered with Little Melody, and can be clocked and reset from an suitable external controller.

• 8 inputs (1 through to 8), each with micro-attenuators (which can be set with a small screwdriver)
• 8 buffered inverted outputs (A through to H) which are 180o out of phase with the inputs
• 8 buffered normal outputs (A through to H) which are in phase with the inputs
• A switch matrix of 64 push on/push off switches

THT-Kit-1. This is a Do-It-Yourself kit, not an assembled module. The kit includes all parts to build the module. Only trough-hole parts to solder. Make sure to check the build guide before you buy. For build guide, more info, videos etc. please check the buttons below.
Current draw +12 V [mA]: 22
Current draw -12 V [mA]: 14
DIY Level: Medium
Depth [mm]: 35
Width [HP]: 12
Format: 3 U
Panel / Color: Black Alu
Manufacturer "Frequency Central"

Hey there synth friends! It’s me, Rick of Frequency Central I founded Frequency Central in 2009, mostly as an excuse to my wife to spend more time messing around with synthesisers. Since that time, I and my small but trusty team of collaborators have endeavoured to crank out a range of fun and exciting Eurorack modules and accessories. By 2015 we’d dipped our toes into MU modular, we are now expanding further into that format. And now in 2024 we're just about to embark on a new adventure - fully standalone synthesisers. But... none of this would be possible without you! We value you deeply in a fraternal way, and we think you are rather special too. It is our honour and duty to design pointless yet fascinating audio tools to exhilarate your senses. Thank you so much for coming here, let’s hang out, turn the volume up to 1.61803399 and make ourselves unpopular with the local cats and dogs...

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