MRG Synthesizer - LPFa

Product information "MRG Synthesizer - LPFa"
The MRG LPF variant A is a 18dB + 6db low pass voltage controlled filter based on the AS3320 (clone of the CEM3320).

The main characteristic of the filter is that one of the four poles is pushed farther away from the origin in the complex plane,
creating a slope of 18dB at cutoff with no resonance, and a gentler response towards peak when the resonance is added.

This dramatically changes the tone of the filter, and it creates an unique, acid but bass rich filter that still maintains
that sound clarity that the AS3320 provides with exceptional reliability.

In order to shake things a little bit more, a gain control is added, that reaches saturation pretty soon,
But can also be lowered to further increase the range of this filter.

SMD-Kit-1. This is a Do-It-Yourself kit, not an assembled module. The kit includes all parts to build the module. All SMD parts are pre-soldered, only trough-hole parts to solder. For build guide, more info, videos etc. please check the buttons below.
Current draw +12 V [mA]: 25
Current draw -12 V [mA]: 20
DIY Level: Easy/Medium
Depth [mm]: 40
Width [HP]: 4
Format: 3U
Panel / Color: Black FR4
Manufacturer "MRG Synthesizers"

MRG Synthesizers (mrgsynth) are handmade modules designed by Gianluca Guida in Cambridge, UK.

These modules are the result of my growing interest in music synthesis. MRG modules implement high quality classical building blocks of subtractive analog synthesis, with a focus on simplicity and versatility.

I approach synthesizers as technical instruments to explore that marvellous connection between mathematics and brain that we call music. Being technical instruments, MRG modules are designed to be conceptually simple (i.e., do one thing well), and their panels are meant to be concise, and somewhat dry and rational.

MRG's most common modules are part of the MRG 4HP series, a series of small, narrow but powerful and elegant modules.

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