Neutral Labs - Elmyra 2 (Standalone)

Product information "Neutral Labs - Elmyra 2 (Standalone)"
This is the standalone version of Elmyra 2, it is available in black and white. Elmyra 2 is a 4-voice digital/analog hybrid platform for microtonal sonic exploration, capable of creating anything from lush ambient soundscapes to gritty droning textures and shrieking noises, available as a 42 HP Eurorack module or semi-modular desktop synth. With 31 modulation targets, 4 polymetric sequencers, delay, additional per-voice effects, a choice of various filters, as well as onboard LFOs and utilities, it is essentially a purpose-built small modular system in itself. A set of preset cards (included) or electronic components like capacitors or diodes can be plugged into the front panel in order to change the sound character.

• 4 independent voices activated by touch or CV
• wavetable-based complex oscillator engine, up to 12 oscillators in total, 1V/octave compatible
• chromatic mode makes chords and harmonic sounds possible, microtonal scales supported
• 41 patch points
• 31 modulation targets
• touchpads with analog envelopes that can be used as modulation sources
• resonant filter switchable between:
• boomy and aggressive multimode 2-pole state variable filter (low-pass, band-pass, high-pass)
• creamy 4-pole low-pass ladder filter
• delay with unhealthy amounts of feedback
• lo-fi reverb
• analog OUCH circuit: a unique combination of destructive distortion, waveshaping and filtering
• sonic character can be customised by using special preset cards (set of 4 included) or components like diodes that can be plugged into the front panel
• preset cards can be used with other Neutral Labs modules
• external audio can be processed via audio input
• 9 per-voice modulations and effects:
• unison detune
• dual sub-oscillators
• saturation
• bitmangler
• sample rate reduction
• noise
• high-pass filter
• low-pass filter
• 2 LFOs: 1 sine, 1 complex morphable
• 4 sequencers with arbitrary step length per voice (up to 128), allows polymetric structures
• delay time and LFOs can be clock-synced or unsynced (tap tempo is also possible)
• utilities
• dual attenuator/buffered multiple/voltage generator
• CV summing circuit
• case made of plant-based bioplastic and native German oakwood
• boutique synth handmade in Germany

SMD-Kit-1. This is a Do-It-Yourself kit, not an assembled module. The kit includes all parts to build the module. All SMD parts are pre-soldered, only trough-hole parts to solder. For build guide, more info, videos etc. please check the buttons below.
DIY Level: Medium
Depth [mm]: 133
Height [mm]: 34
Material / Color: White FR4
Power Input Type (pri.): 5 Vdc / USB Type C
Width [mm]: 225
Manufacturer "Neutral Labs"

Neutral Labs is on a mission to develop devices that have an aspect of uniqueness and are sonically useful, easy to build, aesthetically pleasing and affordable. And we also care about: Sustainability! While it doesn't have a significant ecological impact globally, relatively speaking, the construction of electronic audio devices for private purposes still leaves a certain footprint regarding carbon dioxide through shipping, hazardous materials during manufacturing, waste through packaging and in other areas. Neutral Labs recognises that far too little is currently being done to combat the climate crisis and widespread environmental damage, and remains committed to help in small or big ways where possible. ++ certified biodegradable paper packaging or reused materials (except for ESD protective packaging – please get in contact if you have a viable alternative) ++ use of renewable raw material (bamboo, oak and bioplastic made from sugar cane) for synth cases + 100% carbon neutral electricity in our own lab ++ 100% carbon neutral shipping + lead-free PCBs and front panels ++ lead-free, fairly and sustainably produced solder (Stannol HS10 Fair and Felder SAC305 Ecotin) ++ USB powered synth means no additional power adapter needed + many components locally sourced in Europe. Non-restrictive Licensing: Neutral Labs is committed to free sharing of intellectual property. + All published schematics and PCB designs can be used freely for any private or educational purpose, but not commercially. + All open-source code can be used under the license found in the code repository. + All audio samples, software audio instruments and software audio effects by Neutral Labs can be used free of charge in any way and for any purpose. This includes commercial use. No attribution is required. + The name “Neutral Labs” as well as the logo cannot be used for commercial purposes. If you’re unsure about usage terms, please ask:

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