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Product information "RYK Modular - Vector Wave"
FM & Vector Synthesis - Two icons of the '80s in one unit!

Introducing the new Vector Wave from RYK Modular bringing together the awesome power of 16 oscillator FM, combined with Vector synthesis OR true multi voice polyphony.

The Vector Wave is a feature packed compact Eurorack module, which can be used as a stand alone synth-voice without the need for external VCA,ENV, LFOs etc

WARNING! To build the kit you MUST have the following:
• Accurate and stable 5.00V reference source to calibrate the module
• Flux pen, or liquid flux
• Two mini clamps
• Clean high quality 2/3mm tip solder iron [chisel type recommended]

• 16 oscillators, divided into 4 banks, oscillators can freely configured into series or parallel combinations for complex FM or additive synthesis
• A cute Vector Joystick for morphing between oscillator banks, for cool performance timbre sweeps and sonic movement
Vectors can be recorded from the joystick and replayed from trigger sources, or animated from external or internal modulation sources
• Super cool retro Big-Pixel screen, ideal for nostalgia freaks or the visually impaired
• Wave Warping brings grit and aggression to the FM synthesis with oscillators continuously variable between Sine,Tri-ish Saw, Pulse waveform
• Wave Folding for subtle to extreme sonic bending
• Two Envelope generators [per voice in polyphonic modes], and two LFOs with all controls assignable as modulation destinations
• Intuitive Modulation Slot patching from external and internal sources to be routed to any parameter within the Vector Wave
• 30 User Voice storage spaces for storing your synth masterpieces to internal memory, enabling you to impress your friends at a later date
• Thee modes of oscillator bank allocation Monophonic Vector, and Polyphonic Voice, and Multitimbral Polyphonic
• MIDI input for a spaghetti-free Polyphonic setup, velocity, aftertouch and MIDI CCs avail- able as modulation sources
• Slim but handsome Expander Module also available that adds 3 more V/oct and Gate inputs, for maximum mutli-voice multitimbral melodious mayhem!


SMD-Kit-1. This is a Do-It-Yourself kit, not an assembled module. The kit includes all parts to build the module. All SMD parts are pre-soldered, only trough-hole parts to solder. For build guide, more info, videos etc. please check the buttons below.
Current draw +12 V [mA]: 60
Current draw -12 V [mA]: 5
DIY Level: Advanced
Depth [mm]: 25
Width [HP]: 17
Format: 3U
Panel / Color: Black Alu
Manufacturer "RYK Modular"
RYK Modular was formed in 2009 and released its first module the M185 sequencer in the Roland System 100m format. The M185 was licensed to Intellijel who based their popular Metropolis and Metropolix sequencers on its design. We have since developed the M185 in Eurorack format, featuring more advanced stage gate controls, and also the ability to split sequences in half. Our latest module, Vector Wave, is a compact Eurorack stereo polyphonic synth voice, using FM and Vector synthesis. We have also released a new module for the Roland System 100m format, the M175 Triple Resonator.

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