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Introducing our innovative Complex Low Frequency Oscillator (cLFO) - The cLFO is an instrument for those who believe in pushing the limits of modulation. Featuring two CV-controlled LFOs that intricately intermodulate and are seamlessly integrated with a ring modulator, this module elevates your synthesis and sound design to unprecedented levels.

Crafted with a focus on cross and self-patching, the cLFO invites you to explore the endless possibilities of modulation. Dive into creating continuously variable waveforms, exponential shapes, bouncing ball effects, immersive stereo soundscapes and many other sonic wonders!

Each LFO outputs Triangle, Saw, and Square waves. The Triangle output of LFO1 is normalled to the CV input of LFO2 with attenuation. The addition of a ring modulator to this setup draws from years of the designer's own experimental projects. It is an invitation to experiment with effects traditionally reserved for audio in the realm of modulation. A ring modulated LFO delivers the rhythmical essence of a conventional LFOs but with an added complexity and variability that ensures your soundscapes are always evolving.

This module offers an expansive modulation frequency range, with speed adjustments from as slow as 2 minutes per cycle to as fast as 20 cycles per second. With CV control, frequencies can stretch from 13 hours per cycle to 400 cycles per second, ensuring unparalleled versatility in your modulation explorations.

Accompanying the cLFO is a detailed manual filled with lots of patch idea designed to elevate your sound design skills to new levels.

Dive into the world of advanced modulation manipulation with cLFO.

Stay inspired! Stay innovative!

• Two analog LFOs
• Control voltage over LFO frequency
• 3 waveform outputs per LFO: Triangle, Square and Sawtooth (LFO1 - ramp down; LFO2 ramp up)
• Wide frequency range: 2 minutes - 0.05s (20Hz) without CV and 13 hours to 400Hz with CV
• Ring Modulator (aka four quadrant multiplier aka bipolar VCA)

THT-Kit-1. This is a Do-It-Yourself kit, not an assembled module. The kit includes all parts to build the module. Only trough-hole parts to solder. Make sure to check the build guide before you buy. For build guide, more info, videos etc. please check the buttons below.
Current draw +12 V [mA]: 52
Current draw -12 V [mA]: 60
DIY Level: Medium
Depth [mm]: 25
Width [HP]: 6
Format: 3 U
Panel / Color: Silver Alu
Manufacturer "AtoVproject"

AtoVproject is a Berlin based manufacturer that has strong ties with the local synthesizer community. AtoVproject aims at creating units that last a lifetime while also being as sustainable as possible, therefore great effort is put into the quality of our products.

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