Feedback Modules - ENV-100

Product information "Feedback Modules - ENV-100"
This is probably the fastest envelope generator in Modularland.
Why? Because it is based on the fastest one. The classic Japanese modular from the seventies everyone loves.

• 4 control pots:Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release
• 1 gate switch: triggers ADSR cycle
• 1 time switch: switches between fast and slow envelope times
• one normal and one inverting output jack 10V peak
• standard 10 pin euro power (+12V / -12V)

SMD-Kit-2. This is a Do-It-Yourself kit, not an assembled module. The kit includes all parts to build the module. It includes SMD and through-hole parts! For build guide, more info, videos etc. please check the buttons below.
Current draw +12 V [mA]: 20
Current draw -12 V [mA]: 15
DIY Level: Medium
Depth [mm]: 35
Width [HP]: 6
Format: 3U
Panel / Color: Black FR4
Manufacturer "Feedback Modules"
DIY Modules made in Romania.

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