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Farbfolder is an analog wavefolder for Eurorack, designed to add harmonically related overtones to an audio signal.

We have always been fascinated with analogue effects circuits, and we love the way their quirks and nonlinearities inspire us to find new sounds.

Farbfolder does this weird and wonderful trick of folding up the wave at the zero points, "squaring" a sine off with more and more sinusoid edges, thus adding odd harmonics.

This module is excellent at adding rich harmonics to a basic waveform. Its circuit can produce characteristic timbres similar to pulse-width and frequency modulation.

It is part of our Farbfilter (colour filter) range of sound colouring modules, offering a wide sonic palette from lending subtle colour to rich timbre bending tones in 4 HP.

Farbfolder is designed to be an easy, beginner-friendly DIY build you can solder yourself.

• Classic analog West Coast circuit: odd harmonics Wavefolder.
• Offset and Attenuation for Fold CV for flexible modulation.
• Bias Folding: Offset Audio input with CV.
• Push Bias into dead zone for VCA-like use.
• Backlit panel offers instant visual feedback over CV.
• Flip panel: with or without number.

Semi-DIY-Kit. Most of the components are completely ready, you only have to assemble panel, knobs and some screws/washers.
Current draw +12 V [mA]: 85
Current draw -12 V [mA]: 50
DIY Level: Easy
Depth [mm]: 21
Width [HP]: 6
Format: 3U
Panel / Color: Black FR4
Manufacturer "Making Sound Machines"

Making Sound Machines are a duo of makers from Düsseldorf. We build kits, modules and DIY projects, and use the projects we've built to make music.

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