Sinusoda - Power Brick 96W

Product information "Sinusoda - Power Brick 96W"
Sinusoda power bricks are available as 60 W for smaller setups and 96 W for bigger setups.

60 W Brick is the recommended power brick for a single Juice & Bubbles unit. It comes as the standard brick with all our products. More information at
The plug is 5,5 mm outside, 2,5 mm inside, center positive (Barrel 5525).
Max power output [W]: 96
Power Output Type (pri.): 24 Vdc / Barrel (5525)
Format: Desktop
Manufacturer "Sinusoda"
The case that changes with you. A revolutionary modular case for your Eurorack system. Expand it to any size you wish - case segments can be added on either side and on the top and bottom. Build a case that fits your needs!

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