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Product information "Synthux Academy - Simple Touch"
Discover Simple Touch, the go-to rapid prototyping instrument for synth enthusiasts, from designers to musicians. Featuring 12 touch pads, 6 potentiometers, two faders, and stereo input/output, all powered by the dynamic Daisy Seed microcontroller. Simple Touch is engineered to bring your sonic visions to life with precision and ease. Dive into a world where your fingertips command the future of sound, blending intuition with innovation. Ideal for both seasoned creators and passionate hobbyists, Simple Touch is your shortcut to prototype, experiment, and elevate your designs. Embrace the power of touch with Simple Touch, and transform your creative impulses into extraordinary musical inventions today.

• Programmable. All Simple kits come with the Daisy Seed microcontroller and access to our introduction to synth programming video course.
• Open source instrument on Github.
• Each kit comes with a video course teaching sound fundamentals:
• Powerful music instrument for live performances.

SMD-Kit-2. This is a Do-It-Yourself kit, not an assembled module. The kit includes all parts to build the module. It includes SMD and through-hole parts! For build guide, more info, videos etc. please check the buttons below.
Current draw +5 V [mA]: 100
DIY Level: Easy
Depth [mm]: 3
Width [HP]: 16
Format: 3 U
Panel / Color: Black FR4
Manufacturer "Synthux Academy"

Synthux Academy is an educational nonprofit organization based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The Academy teaches sound design and how to program your musical instrument. Synthux DIY kits were created following six years of research at Design Academies around the world. The DIY kits were tested by thousands of students and teachers around the world who made their own unique twist to the instrument. Synthux Academy offers three DIY kits: Simple Fix Kit, Simple Touch Kit, and Simple Designer Kit. No prior technical knowledge is required to enjoy these powerful programmable musical instruments. The kits were designed to serve as your first synth DIY kit as well as a powerful tool for a more advanced creator. Each kit comes with a free video course teaching sound fundamentals. For videos, live streams, and exclusive online courses, visit Synthux Academy on YouTube.

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