Threetom Modular - Wiretap v2

Product information "Threetom Modular - Wiretap v2"
As someone who is developing Eurorack modules, I always found it tedious to visualize signals coming from the modular synth on my oscilloscope. The reason for this is that there’s really no convenient adapters for this (well, as far as I know at least). Most workarounds to this problem suffer from two problems: a) They’re usually mechanically unstable, and b) most of the times I would need to redistribute the visualized signal to somewhere else, which requires extra cables and a mult. To alleviate these issues I’ve created the the THREETOM Wiretap, a 2-way mult that you can directly mount onto a BNC connector.

This is a fully assembled Wiretap adapter, no assembly required, just plug and play!

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