Products of Wirehead Instruments
“Wireheading is the act of directly triggering the brain's reward center by electrical stimulation of an inserted wire, for the purpose of 'short-circuiting' the brain's normal reward process and artificially inducing pleasure.” With a lifelong passion for music and technology, I have been designing and building synthesizers, modules and noise machines in my home studio since 2020. Combining a background in electronics assembly and software development with many years as an acoustic and electronic musician, I have long since bored all my family and friends with endless bleeps&bloops, so I started publishing to share my music/noise with a wider audience. I quickly learned that the world does not need many more 10-minute-long DAWless jams but there are lots of people interested in fun noisy music machines and projects! In 2023, Meebleeps Machines became “Wirehead Instruments” to reflect the primary purpose of these tools - artificially induced pleasure!